AOL Troubles

I haven’t used AOL since I don’t know when, but for what seems like a very long time in doggie years it seems that the SD has a warning that AOL users may be blocked from SD emails.

Why has this taken so f’n long? It seems simple to resolve one way or another.

The notice refers to the weekly Straight Dope mailing, administered by our friend at Joke-A-Day.

Ray has been very considerate in running this mailing for us for the past several years; he has done this as a favor to us.

However, AOL has taken it upon themselves (or their anti-spam software has, anyway), AOL has judged that the Joke-A-Day/Straight Dope mailing is spam and that we are spammers . . . and so the weekly mailing has not been reaching our AOL customers.

We cannot ourselves correct this situation, for I have tried; AOL says the solution is with Ray at Joke-A-Day getting with the program and getting registered with them.

Interestingly enough, about the time people began to really complain about it, it looks as if perhaps the situation is finally getting resolved; I found an update from Joke-A-Day in my email this morning. First time in quite a while. Hooray!

Next Friday should tell the story; if AOL members actually receive the Straight Dope mailing, everything’s fixed.


Thank you TubaDiva, I really appreciate a straight answer from the SD :wink: