AOTC - No fast food tie-in

According to

There is no fast food tie-in for Episode II “because of the darker turn it takes”

I have seen AOTC potato-chip bags. Apparently potato chips dont conflict with the darker tone of the movie :rolleyes:
(maybe its the Irish potato famine connection)

translation: We didn’t get a good enough deal, so no tie-in.

I’ve always been kind of curious about the odd connection between the characters and the flavors of the chips. Obiwan was barbecue. Mace Windu, however, is a coool ranch flavor. I find the choices oddly appropriate…just some odd meditations I had on my last grocery run.

They’re lying. The real reason there’s no fast-food tie-in is because they’re using the money to build their own restaraunt, to be called “Jar Jar’s Not-So-Bombad Foody Place.”

Or maybe I made that up.

Also contributing perhaps is that Taco Bell lost money with their pimping of TPM last time around.

What, no clone-burgers? Damn.

I’ll take a bantha-burger with a side order of those frog-thingys that Jabba seems to like. And supersize it.