AP Headline: "Woman Goes to Church to Duck Deportation"

Being for the separation of church and state, I want to know why they are deporting ducks from religious institutions? And where do they deport ducks to?

Ducks migrate on their own. I’m not sure why we need to deport them either.

It’s a sad day when someone from the church says to get the duck out of here.

Sure they didn’t mean “Duck Deification”? Sometimes the proofreaders miss a word, you know.

[thick Brooklyn accent]
Youse guys can’t duck deport, iffen you don’t go tru deport, you can’t get to Hoboken !!!
[/thick Brooklyn accent]

Link, please?

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Here’s one on the story.



A large baking dish. :smiley:

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Sorry I didn’t realize.

Maybe this one


I think it has something to do with inducktion and deducktion.

I’m sure it’s a typo. It should read “… Church of Duck Deportation.” You see, the $cientologists have a closely guarded secret. The world was not created by aliens. That’s just a smokescreen to misdirect the public. It was really created by Howard, the Duck. The ultimate level is to be deported to Fredonia.
You see, the $cientologists in the entertainment industry occasionally let little details slip into movies and TV.

– oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell, was I?

Down Under?

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It’s a big story in Chicago right now.


Maybe here.


Well, I tried.