Apartment Searching.. HELP!

Okay due to a kerfluffle with our other roomie (he keeps pulling a load of beep on us so we now have an eviction notice and refuse to live with him any longer) we are now looking for an apartment. Due to our circumstance we don’t have a lot of money, nor a very good line of credit (he has bad credit due to his divorce and I have none) we are having troubles.

We had found a sweet apartment within our price range in a good location for us (near his job and close to where I can find a job easily) and filled out applications and put down the DD. We didn’t get it so I have to go pick up the money tomorrow and continue the search.

My question basically is what can we do? Most apartments won’t rent to us because of the credit check, and generally the ones who don’t we really don’t want to move into because they are either in a bad area or are really really crappy places.

Or if anyone knows of a decent 2 bedroom place in the West end of Edmonton somewhere around Mayfield Common and West Ed mall that won’t be more than 650 a month could you direct me to it? We need to be out by the end of the month and are looking high and low for something decent (we don’t have really high standards but really really don’t want to live in a scummy place as we kinda do now)

Can anyone help us please?

Well we found out why they refused us… it wasn’t the credit. Apparently it is an industry standard to have the renter make 3 times the rent to cover it… between the two of us we make more than that but we BOTH have to make that amount. GAH! So now we have to figure out how to find an apartment that will accept us. sighs Well I’m off for a few hours to go get our money from the DD back and then we shall see what happens… hopefully we find something before the 1st which is when we have to be out of here…