Trying to move to a new apartment and finding the right one is very depressing.

I have to live with roommates because of my financial situation, so it’s really an open room that I’m searching for, not an actual apartment. My current roommate has turned into an absolute nutcase so I’d like to get out as soon as possible.

I found the perfect place on Thursday to move into this coming Sunday. I hit it off with the potential roommates, it’s in my price range, great neighborhood, etc. The only problem is the landlord hasn’t been available to meet me. He always wants to meet at night and has canceled all three times. The potential roommates have said that they’ll try to get an answer from him Monday.

My dad said it sounds bad and I’m probably not going to get this place. The roommates however keep trying to set something up so I can meet him (they finally gave him my info so he can contact me directly) and they told me I’m the only candidate for the room, so maybe the landlord is just a flake and it’s not as bad as it seems?

Anyway, the other places I’ve looked at haven’t gone as well and it’s hard not to feel extremely discouraged. I’m hoping that I’ll find out at the last minute that I’ve gotten this place- they’re running out of time on their end anyway. Otherwise I guess I’m back to square one. Moving sucks, especially when it’s to get away from a roommate who’s a nut.

Update: One potential roommate just texted me as I was typing this- apparently the landlord wants to meet during the times I told him I’m working. Arggh!!! I work by myself at my night job so I can’t leave, but I can probably leave during my day job.

I bet it will turn out ok. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I hope it will, the suspense is just killing me. The landlord and I are supposed to meet at 3:30 tomorrow. I’m leaving work early to meet him. I will cry if he cancels AGAIN.