Apartments in Norway?

I just started looking for an apartment in Norway, as i am debating moving there.

This has my American mind confused however.

1000NOK a day??? By my calculations thats about $130USD.

1 bedroom and 1 bathroom…maximum of 5 people??? Do they just stuff people in these places like sardines?

What exactly is going on here? I’ve looked at a couple other apartments and they seem to be anywhere from 500NOK to 2000NOK a day.

This is for a short term holiday apartment in lieu of a hotel, so $130/day seems normal. For a long term apartment, you may need to be a legal resident (it is so in the UAE… no idea about Norway). Do you have a second EU passport?

I have a passport and visa for Norway. But i don’t believe i would need an EU passport, Norway isn’t in the EU IIRC

If TNWPsycho has a visa which allows him to move to Norway, I’d be astonished if he wasn’t legally allowed to rent an apartment there.

As you point out, the apartment he has found is aimed at the short-stay tourist market, which is pretty much what you’d expect from the website that he found it on.

My hunch is that residential lettings in Oslo are unlikely to be advertised on English-language internationally-oriented websites. If I were TNWPsycho, I’d start with the websites of the major Oslo newspapers - there’s a sporting chance that they are in the small-ads listings business themselves, or have links to sites that are. If no joy there, then try and track down the websites of Oslo estate agents, who will presumably have listings of apartments to let. If he doesn’t already have some Norwegian, he’ll need a friend who does.

Or if he comes back here in a few hours, when it’s morning in Oslo, odds are a Norwegian doper will have turned up to give him a steer.

Well, I’m not Norwegian, but here’s a site listing apartments and other homes for rent in Oslo. The link on the blue menu bar labeled Boligsøk leads to the search function. Google translate does a decent job translating.
Good luck.

I’m Norwegian, and looking for an apartment to rent I’d go to ( It’s the major classified ads site. Here’s a link to apartments for rent in Oslo, you can filter on price, size, location, etc.

You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the basic terms in Norwegian though, since, as been pointed out above, people don’t bother publishing their ads in English.

Oslo is expensive, and for “centrally located, stunning view over Oslo” 1000 NOK sounds about right. And 63sqm is hardly stuffing people like sardines.

The best place to search for a more reasonable long-term place is probably, but it looks like you’ll need to find someone to translate because I can’t find it in english (somewhat surprisingly).

Edit: Doh, serves me right for typing between calls at work.