Apartments In Paris

Okay, here’s a macabre idea. I read this story a few years ago:

**World’s oldest woman outsmarts lawyer **

PARIS- A lawyer who gambled in a 1965 property deal that an elderly woman would soon die, only to see her live to become the world’s oldest person, has himself died at age 77.

André-François Raffray was buried Wednesday in the southern French city of Arles after dying on Christmas day, a secretary in his law firm said. The woman, Jeanne Calment, celebrated Christmas with a meal at an Arles hotel, looking forward to her 121st birthday, Feb. 21.

When Calment was 90, Raffray, then 47, agreed to pay her a rent of $500 a month until she died, on condition he would inherit her house in Arles. Over the next 30 years, Raffray paid Calment more than $180,000, three times the value of the house.

“We all make bad deals in life,” Calment joked to Raffray on her 120th birthday.

*-Reuters, San Francisco Examiner, 1/1/96 *

Now I read in the news that over 11,000 people in France died as either a direct or indirect result of the heat wave, most of them elderly.

So… is now a good time to by French real estate?

I think I read that many died because their younger relatives and caretakers were away on holiday. So I assume the property would not be for sale. Also, you would have research laws about non-French buying French real property.
Bonne chance! :slight_smile:

I had a real New Yorker moment when after reading about all those, horribly sad and moving deaths, that I thought 'I’ll bet there are some great apartments available.