Apnea abroad

A friend of mine knows I have access to the most brilliant assemblage of people online today, and asked me to ask the following question for him.

He has a sleep apnea machine that he runs for about 6 hours straight a night. He’s going to Europe (GB, specifically) next week. What kind of adapter does he need? This thing apparently sucks a fair amount of power – will one of the regular little deals hold up to the job, or does he need something special?

And yes, I know he should just sign up for a guest membership – feel free to abuse him mercilessly about his wussiness.

I have a CPAP machine and I have been to Europe a number of times but not since I got it. I am almost certain that he just needs the typical outlet converter from Radio Shack or wherever. I don’t think mine draws nearly as much power as a hair dryer for example.

Check the device to see what it will take for voltage in. If it will do 110-240 all he needs is a plug adaptor for GB (3 bucks or so).

If it will only do 110 he needs a transformer/converter that will supply enough amps to power the device, plus an appropriate plug type or adaptor… These numbers will be listed on the device and on the transformer. More amps is probably OK; less is not. Lots of them have dual wattages (watts is volts x amps).

Excellent info. Thanks, gentlemen!

The instruction manual for my machine states explicitly that all that is required is a plug adapter, not a current adapter. Read the manual!

Heh. I’m reminded of Anne Lamott’s rules for life, which she managed to boil down to two:

All I need is a plug adaptor, too, and mine’s ready to blow air into my face.

Mine runs on 110-240v, 50-60Hz. In addition to several European countries, I’ve used it in India, where I was able to buy a plug adapter for about 20 cents.