Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Documentary

I didn’t realize this was in the works. Looks fabulous:

Here’s a link about the newly found footage:

I want to see this.

Fantastic. (The article, that is. The footage, too, I’m sure.)

I know some people involved in the film and have seen an extended clip from the film in IMAX, and it’s astounding. The segment I watched was about 20 minutes leading up to the launch, and like someone said in the article, there was an excitement akin to being there in real time. I’ve seen lots of historic footage, but this 70mm stuff is incredible.

It’s unbelievable to me that no one has known about or done anything with this footage before now, but it’s great that they’re digitizing it and making what is sure to be a great, great film (two, actually) in time for the 50th anniversary. Very exciting.