Apollo 11 Conspiracy Theory

I just saw the FOX tv show about the Apollo 11 conspiracy theory. I’m pretty ignorant about the whole thing, but the arguments presented in the show sounded pretty reasonable. Cecil’s column about this topic left me pretty unsatisfied. So what does NASA have to say? Can they debunk the conspiracy theories?


There ya go.

Basically, the answers are “The Van Allen belts DON’T instantly kill everything, they were using a wide-angled lense, and the lunar surface reflects it’s own trace amounts of ambient light.”

Have you looked at these threads?



(I tried going to NASA’s site, but they’re strangely silent…)


There have been several threads on the topic recently. It’s always a good idea to run a search on the topic of your question before starting a new thread. Remember particularly to set the search to “Any Date” to be sure you’ve got your bases covered, SD.

Anyway, here are a couple of Pit threads on the topic. I also recall a lengthy GQ thread or two within the last month, if you care to search for them.



And don’t forget the Bad Astronomy web site, which is an excellent, comprehensive site about media portrayals of all things outer space, put together by an occasional contributor to the SDMB. Hell, the guy won me a beer thanks to his discussion of “Deep Impact.”

mrblue92 wrote:

:slight_smile: Cute. Reeeeeeal cute.

Fortunately, http://www.nasa.gov is slightly richer in content.

That Fox show was moronic. Fox has become the television equivalent of the National Enquirer. Thats why all the ‘news’ is conspiracy shit and real videos and the sitcomes are all trailer park families.

That’s your first problem. Go re-read your high school science text books and then look at the presented arguments again.

But… if they made it up then where did all the money go ?

Why did everyone lie ?

How did they fake all the data they collected on the moon ( huge amounts ! ).

If they did a program saying ‘apollo 11, they landed on the moon and came back’ no one would have watched it.

reality IS boring

Who says I went to high school? I had to give my books back to the school anyhow, so maybe you can enlighten me.

Thanks for the post.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about Fox’s pathetic broadcast, but now I’m hoping that people will do something about it.

I’m not going to go through it all again. Read my original pit thread.