Apologies for not allowed thread

I didn’t realize I was offending the other night, with my thread about Harris Poll. Yes, I’ve been a member for a long time, but (1) I don’t spend a lot of time here; there are only so many hours in the day, and (2) nearly all of my participation is responding to other people’s threads. I’ve posted occasional threads in GQ and here, nearly always something I needed to know.

I know I read the FAQ years ago. No doubt I should have reviewed it before posting, but I didn’t think of that. There is no money involved (that would automatically have made me think I should ask - this isn’t a commercial place). Yes, I get a reward for new recruits, but it’s more like miles in a frequent traveler program than money, i.e., it takes a whole lot more points to get anything I want than I could ever get by referrals, even if the reward to me were ten times as much. I’ve been mostly saving my points since the beginning. In another year or three, I’ll have enough - maybe - for something interesting. So I rarely even think about points. I just respond to polls - most of them - and don’t think about it. There were no rewards to participants when I joined, and I joined because I thought it would be an interesting thing to do. I just thought it would be something that some other dopers also would find interesting to do. Telling about the points was “full disclosure,” no more.

Anyway, apologies. I truly didn’t intend to commit a “no-no.” Odds are I’ll not be posting a thread again in MPSIMS anyway. The warning about new Paypal scams was moved there by a Mod. I usually spend whatever time I have for SDMB in GQ.

This thread is also not allowed.


That much White Space

I am disappointed.

And no secret messages?

Jim {You shouldn’t
waste so
much space,
there is only
so much to
go around}