Apology for inappropriate post

In the now-closed “Which classical goddess was the bustiest”. You know it’s strange: I don’t actually do drugs but too frequently I find myself saying “what was I thinking?”. In any event I can only plea stupidity rather than malevolence; I truly did not realize anyone would take offense.

I’m not going to try to speak for women, but it takes practice to put yourself in the other person’s position. It’s not “will this offend anyone?” but “how would I feel if it were me?”

Not meaning to be harsh or even critical. It’s another world, and I suspect most men have no idea. Men in the gay culture, like me, may have had some exposure to what it feels like to be constantly evaluated by physical attributes. Of course, now that I’m old, I’m just invisible, and I don’t have to worry about it any more.

The next step is understanding that it doesn’t matter if anybody actively takes offense. A bad thing is a bad thing. Even if the post had slipped under the radar, it’s there on our boards forever, representative of who we are and what we value.

Don’t plead stupidity. Plead ignorance. One is who you are forever, the other is who you are today.

Fair enough.

Good on ya.

Right. Ignorance is forgivable, stupidity is not.

It’s good that you realize the mistake and own it. Many people would just let it slide or try the “special snowflake” defense.

This is a good way to put it. It seems difficult for people to put themselves in others shoes. It’s something you have to learn, and it looks like you get it now. It’s taken a long time for the board to claw it’s way up from it’s misogynistic history and I’m sure that there will still be mistakes. Hopefully, the worst of it is behind us and we can look forward to more improvement in these areas.

FWIW, when I think of posters with misogynistic tendencies, you don’t make the list. So, Go Forth And Sin No More.

You know there are truly stupid people: having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

Should we not have sympathy for those that were born with less intelligence?

I post this somewhat tongue in cheek, but there are people that will never be smart through no fault of their own.

Lumpy isn’t one of those :wink: