An apology to ladyfoxfyre


Gosh! I didn’t realize that you are so sensitive. Let me apologize: I was merely trying to engage in a little harmless play and since the spirit of the OP seemed to indicate as much was fair game, I assumed that no feelings would be hurt. However, an unkind comparison between Ron Pearlman and Jessica Alba, as well as a photo of a twenty-something fashion model, seemed to touch some raw nerves with you and I apologize for being the instrument of your discomfort. It was not my intent to bring to the surface any guilt you have over your sexuality or your age, let alone any other personal issues you may be dealing with at this point in time; but rather to post a series of photos of increasingly unattractive men, each given with mock sincerity as examples of Adonis-like male beauty. It never occured to me that such a program would raise the ire of anyone on the SDMB, let alone a vibrant, fun loving-girl such as yourself. It was a grave error to assume that a girl who signs her posts with the name “foxy” would have a lighthearted sense of play so well developed that only the most grossly abusive humor would escape her. I have seriously misjudged you and I apologize profusely. Please forgive me for thoughtlessly assuming that you are the sort of person who might be a pleasure to interact with. Again, that was a grave error that I will try to not make in the future. Additionally, please accept my best wishes for you and whatever therapy you are undergoing to help you deal with your latent personality problems. I know it can be difficult. Keep a stiff upper lip, and things will be as right as rain before you know it!



Can we have a link, so we know which of you two to dogpile on?

Here’s the link: Hetero women having fun

IMHO, js_africanus behaved like a dick.

Hmm. Naw, I’m more on africanus’ side on this, although a Pit thread on the topic seemed uncalled for. His posts might have construed a slight hijack, but he wasn’t attacking other posters, just their opinions. Smells like spirited debate to me, no need for ladyfoxfyre to have gotten on her high horse and start dictating prerequisites for posting in the thread.

I don’t really see anything js_africanus did that was so bad. He stated some opinions regarding the matter at hand in a humorous way, and got his ass chewed for the trouble. If anyone should do an apology thread, it’s ladyfoxfyre, IMO.

The whole thing is a storm in a B-cup.


You were out of lineafricanus

originally posted by africanus

I think you got a little upset,because no one fell all over you,and then looked for a reason to get mad. This pitting was over a very polite tell off. She stood up for herself,and behaved in a ladylike way. In return,you went overboard,and tried to lay a heavy guilt trip down. :mad: Your behavior was not gentlemanly at all.

Um, I know I’m still kind of new here, but isn’t this the pit? Shouldn’t there be some sort of argument? Hatred? Some sort of somebody-done-somebody-wrong song? This is like a telemarketer starting a pit thread about getting hung up on all the time. :o

You call that an ass chewing? js_africanus was acting like a dim-witted adolescent boy, and ladyfoxfyre’s response barely even constituted a telling-off. She doesn’t deserve a Pitting for that, especially not one that suggests that she’s a crazy old woman with issues about her sexual orientation.

Disclaimer:The following is my opinion,and can be taken or left as such. I also threw in a bit of advice too.
I agree ** Lamia ** His “apology” wasn’t even sincere IMO. It was merely an attempt to guilt trip ladyfoxfyre. If you read the thread closely,you will notice something. js_africanus made a play for attention. (Fishing for flirting???) When it was ignored,he began to bully and belittle the ladies who were participating in the thread. (He didn’t use the same “put down” tactics on the other guys when they disagreed with his choice of a beautiful female bod.) We ladies did not mock your choices in feminine beauty,show some respect and don’t mock ours! His attitude became quite insulting.

Both qoutes originally posted by js_africanus

Once he was politely told he’d overstepped the bounds,he then decided to be “the wronged party”,and make this thread. I think it’s pretty crappy too. If you really mean the apology,you don’t phrase it that way. He’s still trying to get attention. Here’s a clue js_africanus,pulling the braid of the girl you like WON’T win you her undying admiration. It will just tip her off that you are an immature jerk,that needs avoiding.

For those of you who want to compare the attitudes he exibited,here: This is the thread which he started. There is already a link to the other thread here.

Does the word “convex” ring a bell.

You used that word to describe one guy’s concept of feminine beauty,yes. You did not attack the guys themselves,you simply stated relatively politely that you did not find those female forms attactive.

However,you used “nuts” to describe women for admiring gorgeous masucline bods. (And not your “stunning” intellect instead.) :rolleyes:

Get over yourself,and either make a true apology,or back down. You were,and remain in the wrong,and won’t get in good graces until you grow up,and stop pulling crap like this.

What they said. No reason to get snippy in a light-hearted thread like that. OPs like this make baby hamsters cry.

For the sarcastically impaired -

Well duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

Yah, your presence in that thread, js was kind of a nuisance, but meh, it happens.
For the most part, I’m with you on the matter. Yes, most of the men were NOT what I would call attractive, however, there was no need to criticize the posters for their preferences. To me, that is just rude and prejudiced(?). “You don’t like what I like, therefore you are inferior to me.”
To each his own, I say.

And I have to agree, even if that model he linked to is 23, if she were my girlfriend, I wouldn’t want to get caught making out with her.

“Officer! Really! See? Her passport says she’s 23! Where are you taking me?”

Which would have been pretty funny. However, what you actually did was post pictures of two girls and one ‘ugly’ guy, and say that the posters in that thread were “nuts” for preferring men over women. Which is obnoxious and stupid. Starting a thread to whine about it is more obnoxious and even dumber.

Wow, I just noticed this thread today, so I feel I must say something before letting it die out.
I wouldn’t have even said anything in the aforementioned thread had it not taken the form of a repeated distraction. I only saw js_africanus as being a nuisance, who was demeaning our opinions of beauty in the male form. I tried to make my comment as non-confrontational as possible, and I believe this pit thread to be a little over the top. One comment was made, and it wasn’t as if I repeatedly ordered him to shape up or leave. I just told him that his criticisms were distracting and unnecessary, and if he wished to post pictures of what were in his opinion beauty, the boys had their own thread in the same forum through which to do it.
I resent the implications that I have ‘personality problems’ and that I am ‘undergoing therapy’, it seems to me that somebody can’t take criticism very well. I honestly don’t think that I did anything out of line in the thread that was linked, I was pretty polite, and I do believe that things could have been a lot worse.
I suppose that’s all I’ve got to say for now, thank you to you all who have “stuck up for me” before I got a chance to pop in here.