Ask The Pissed Off Poster!

No really, ask me anything. Anything at all.

Got a question about my life? Ask away.
What is my favorite color of underwear? You can ask me that too.
What am I like in bed? A fucking animal. Ask me, please.

I need this attention. I need for people to pretend to be interested in the minor nuances of my life.

Have you ever really needed to ask a pissed off poster what she thinks? Well I’m here to help you out.

No really, ask me anything. Anything at all.

I think we really need more “Ask The Balding, One-Armed Leper” threads, because their voices are so infrequently heard.

So ask me, please, ask away. I’m begging you. Ask me about my life.

Not fair. You pre-empted my question.

OK, but what kind of animal? A mink, a housecat, a three toed sloth? Come on, fill us in!

Cite? Proof?

And just to show that I’m interested in the other minor nuances of your life, here’s an easy one–why are you so pissed off?

Ok, what about the shrubbery?

Plane A leaves Boston at at 8:00 EST. Plane B leaves San Francisco at 9:50 PMT. If the two planes are going in complete opposite direction, one is moving at speed pi*r^2 and Plane C is moving at twice the speed of Plane B, who cares?

What are the three words that end in…

Oh? It’s been done?
Forgive me.

Whats your screename?

Do you think that possesion of pistachio ice cream should be a criminal offence?

What is your stance on vertical venetian blinds?

Do you feel that poodles should be legal to hunt? What about poodle owners?

As standard poodles were bred as hunting dogs, I think it would be okay. And I know of at least one owner who hunts ducks with his.

Dropzone…really? Most duck hunters use shotguns. :wink:

She may disagree, Slip, but I’d say you can’t stand on vertical venetian blinds!

And I bet you meant those little toy poodles too didn’t you, not the full-sized jobs? I wouldn’t want to hunt for one, but I’d say it’d be fine to shoot one if you found it accidentally.

Surely more will survive a nuclear war than just cockroaches and Keith Richards, wouldn’t you agree?

Sir Rhosis

Does this cock ring make me look fat?

A/S/L ???

What are you wearing?


ultrafilter, I’m not really pissed off. I just have been seeing way too many “Ask the…” threads and thought I’d post a rant dripping with sarcasm.

More of a tiger on methamphetamines.

It looks horrible. I blame you entirely.

According to Chief Scott, it’s pussyonfyre.

Pistachio ice cream is revolting. I reccomend the death sentance for anyone who enjoys that abomination of satan.

Vertical venetian blinds serve no purpose other than to tempt sadistic kitties and to gather dust. As for shutting out light, boards on the outside of windows work just fine.

Poodles are also an abomination of satan. Yappy little balls of ugly, and I feel that the only suitable weapon is a .12 gauge. I feel likewise towards poodle owners.

You forgot poodles.

No, your big ass makes you look fat.

Well, this was fun. :smiley:


Nothing, nothing at all darling.

I go through this every few months.

The people who get it will joke about it…but none of them will be the people at whom it’s directed.

The people at whom it’s directed won’t bother reading the thread or, if they do, will either decide that you CAN’T mean them, or as individuals they will decide this was DIRECTED at them…an easy thing to mistake when one is egomaniacal as I’m sure you’ll agree.


You know, if you didn’t like my posting style or the topics I pick, you could just come out and SAY so. You don’t have to go making a whole pit thread about it. And you’re a coward for not just using my name in the OP. Everyone knows you’re talking about me because of that one thing you said in that thread that I started a few weeks ago. Don’t try to deny it. I see through your game.


Oh Hama, you’re so right. This thread is totally directed at you.
BTW, no questions for me darling? I’m disappointed.


ladyfoxfyre, brilliant reponse. Especially about the pistachio ice cream.

Let’s abandon capital punishment and force convicts to eat a bowl of this swill every day. A fate far, far worse than death.

And don’t even get me started on poodles and their owners.