App controlled bots deliver Groceries within a two mile area.

This delivery system has done well in early trials. I think it will be safer than drones in the air. Drones pose too much of a safety hazzard if they crash and hit the public. I like the idea of ground based delivery. They can still get into accidents but that’s better than filling the sky with drones.

The developers started Skype. Hopefully there’s enough money behind this venture for a successful startup. I’m impressed they’ve already implemented security features to prevent theft.

This delivery system could be a big help with our aging population. Getting fresh food delivered regularly without labor expense sounds very promising.

I’m sure there’s still challenges to work out, but I find this exciting tech news. Especially since trials have been run in California and Washington.

Would you use this delivery service if it becomes available in your area?

I definitely would give it a try. My concern is the infrastructure. The roads leading to my neighborhood have very heavy urban traffic. There’s no sidewalk from the closest store. Unless the bot hops a bus, it can’t get to me. :wink:

The two mile range limit is a problem too. My mom’s Kroger is 4 miles from her house. We think of it as being very close and convenient. It’s a 6 to 8 min drive from her house.

That’s still outside the delivery bot’s range. I’m not sure how many people live within two miles of a supermarket in the US.

Facebook page.

I see the bot can navigate over curbs. That’s a big help.

You just don’t have sidewalks running directly from stores. They’ll be some sections of sidewalks and areas where you have to walk on the grass/gravel alongside a road. The US is not convenient for pedestrians. It will be very challenging for any wheeled delivery system.

I really hope they can make this work. Our aging population needs grocery delivery. I’ve been shopping every week for my mom since she relocated near me. She can’t walk around a store anymore. It’s too exhausting for her and a fall hazard.

That’s never going to work, for many, many reasons.

American drivers are unable to see car sized objects directly in front of them.
I’ll give 10 minutes before one of those gets hit.

I agree, something this small and slow can’t use the roads. There’s 45mph traffic on the 6 lane road leading to my neighborhood. Once in awhile I see a pedestrian trying to cross and they are risking their life.

This delivery system would require a neighborhood store, only blocks from people’s homes. Even then there may be problems sharing the sidewalks with pedestrians.

There’s also crime concerns. Some people would probably vandalize these bots. They do have cameras to take photos of anyone interfering with the bot.

There’s certainly challenges to overcome. :wink:

This. I suspect they will all be turned over on their backs just because someone will find that funny.

I’d like to see some of the locals try and steal the groceries with crowbars and sledge hammers.

The same robots have been tested for use in delivering restaurant food for a couple of years already.

That’s why we can’t have nice things. There’s always jerks that ruin it for everyone else.

They have been trialed in London. That’s not exactly a safe, crime free city. These bots apparently did well enough to roll out the service in selected areas.

Unlike South West Little Rock, London is civilized.

Two bags of groceries isn’t a lot of money. Hopefully it won’t be worth risking jail to bust open the bot.

Just have to wait & see how this delivery system develops. It’ll take a few years to expand service from Europe. It may never be offered in high crime areas like my part of the city.

Do most people object to drone delivery?

I don’t want a 50lb drone with 25 lbs of packages flying over my family’s heads. You know a few drones will drop out of the sky. I don’t want to be under one when that happens.

Full scale delivery service would mean dozens of noisy drones over just one neighborhood.

Same here. Except my mom lives 100 miles away. I was doing all my moms shopping. Then her grocery started delivery. Well, that stopped.

BUT now my mom can order everything online, and I just drive to the store and they load me up. That’s MUCH easier. I don’t have to interpret a grocery list and wonder if I’m actually getting the right thing.

Milton Keynes is criss-crossed with ‘red-ways’ (pedestrian/cycle paths) which means the bots can get most places without using roads (just crossing occasionally).

I’ve already seen these things pottering about and I do wonder about their vulnerability. They’d be fine coming to my estate, but I think any delivery to Conniburrow* would be a one way trip.

If I was running the show each delivery-bot would be escorted by one of the more lethally dangerous bots from Robot Wars.

  • Milton Keynes’ Chav Central, the Santander rental bikes didn’t last long there.

Robbing drones brings to mind pizza delivery people. It is a popular past time in the LR/NLR area to mug pizza guys. You get their cash and a pizza if you are lucky.

Did they test them by people following them during the trip?

Those who fail to learn the history of hitchbot are doomed to repeat it…

“You young whippersnappers! Back in my day we tipped over real. live cows. Now the best you can manage to tip is some rusty little robot. Get off my lawn!”

And if it’s targeting the elder population it will likely contain 2 bags of prunes, Ben Gay and Depends.

Not a very realistic video. In real life, the old man would’ve started whacking the bot with his cane, and the boy on a bicycle would’ve flipped the thing over and left it by the side of the road with its wheels spinning in the air.

Anywhere I’ve ever lived it would’ve been open season on those things as soon as they hit the road.