App issue on iPad Mini (is it parental restrictions?)

My daughter has a new iPad Mini. We’ve enabled the parental restrictions but do want her to be able to listen to streaming music through Pandora.

The Pandora icon does not appear on iPad–I know I put it on there–and I can’t re-download it. I assume this is because of some parental restriction I’ve activated, but I can’t work out which one. Can anyone help?

Pandora carries a 12+ rating (mainly because it can’t control it’s own content), so you might check what you’ve set the app limit to in General->Restrictions->Apps.

If it’s just Pandora, you could try looking at the iTunes Radio feature in Music; it does basically the same thing, and it’s built in.

I see, thank you. Where do you find the age ratings for apps?

I looked it up in the iTunes store; it’s on the left side right under the ratings.

Thanks again for your help.