Apparently we're bad doggie foster parents

We decided to give it a try because he was adorable and his current home (been there for a week) wasn’t working out (the cat was attacking him).

He got here on Wednesday afternoon. We found out about an hour ago how much we suck as foster parents.

Because my boyfriend and I agreed that we need to adopt him. I called our rescue guy and asked if we can keep him. Just waiting for him to call me back. I hope to god he hasn’t found a new family yet. Before I called though, we had to agree to never foster again because our bed isn’t big enough for 4 dogs (might not even be big enough for 3 but we have time before he’s allowed on the bed).

I’ll post pics as soon as I know he’s ours forever. I’ll cry if he’s not ours forever. Then I’ll post pics anyway. :smiley:

I just talked to the rescue guy. He said that he has to forward it to the administrators but since we’re already cleared adopters through them, we’re the foster parents, and he’s already here and fitting in so well, he can’t see any reason why they’d refuse us.

So, it’s still not officially official but I think it’s close enough.
Dopers, allow me to present Beamer.
By the way, that’s not Ginger welcoming him to the house. That’s her telling him to get out her spot. They’re both granny dogs who like to sleep on the hearth. Holly isn’t such a wuss.


Ginger, how can you resist his sad puppy face?

Oh, Ginger likes him. She just doesn’t like sharing her hearth. She also gives Holly that look when Holly gets on the back of the couch (it’s Ginger’s nap spot because she thinks she’s a cat).

We can’t decide if we like his name. It’s definitely not what we would have chosen. But, we didn’t name Ginger and Holly either.

It is official. I just submitted the payment and contract.

Ignatius Beamer (or Ignatius Beaminstein III as my boyfriend calls him) - otherwise known as Iggy, is officially ours.

Congrats on the new addition to the family! He’s really cute, I bet he’s still got that sweeet puppy breathe.
Can’t wait to get a pup again. It’s been too long.

I wish he still had that sweet puppy breath. He doesn’t. He’s nearly 4 months old now. Ginger and Holly only had it for very short time after they got here at 3 months. I always miss out.

He was quite stinky when he got here, both from needing a bath and from the food he had been on. Apparently the food itself is very good but has a tendency to give puppies really soft stinky poop and very foul farts. The adoption agency guy suggested that we change to our usual food with no tapering of the other stuff since he had only been on it a week (holy hell they overfed him - badly). It only took 3 days but his poop is normal, much less stinky, and his farts are less frequent and don’t clear rooms any more.

We took him to meet our trainer on Friday. He ended up staying for the agility class and he LOVES it. He’ll be going from now on. He had a better time on his first course run than Holly had on her last run and his course was more than 2x bigger and the obstacles were harder.

The girls had some issues with him at first but they seem to have come to realize that he’s not being belligerent when he doesn’t back down from them, he just wants to play. He did stand his ground with Ginger yesterday (she’s the boss) when she tried to steal his toy. After that, both girls let him have whatever he wanted all day and didn’t try to challenge him at all. Today they’re back to letting him know that Ginger is boss and Holly is her lieutenant and he’s back to ignoring them.

We’re still trying to guess what he has in him. He has a lot of doberman features but he also has webbed feet. He also has times when he looks a lot like a dachshund. We have come to the conclusion that just like our other 2 dogs, his official breed is: dog.

[QUOTEWe’re still trying to guess what he has in him. He has a lot of doberman features but he also has webbed feet. He also has times when he looks a lot like a dachshund. We have come to the conclusion that just like our other 2 dogs, his official breed is: dog.]


Best kind from my experience! Our Wilson was some sort of cross between Bernese and (we think) Rottweiler. Sweetest dog ever!
Just waiting for both the kids to be out of diapers before we get another pup. There’s only so much poop one person can handle :D.

I love mutts. Our girls were supposed to be German Shepherds. They’re 30 pounds of something but it’s definitely not GSD. This little guy is supposed to be a rat terrier but we highly doubt that. It’s fun not knowing what you’re going to get. I figure that I’m prepared for big and the fact that he’s 10 pounds and 3 months old means he wont be too small (I can’t stand toy dogs) so anything he turns out to be will be awesome.

[Crosby] IGGY![/Crosby]

I’d never be able to say his name without grinning.

Such a cute puppy, and I’m glad to hear he’s doing so well with the other dogs and settling into your household.

He’s adorable! Just please remember there is nothing wrong with purebreds, either… some of us LIKE knowing what we’re going to spend 10-15 years with. And I love my Papillons too… even if they are toy dogs. :slight_smile:

Oh, I have nothing against purebreds. Actually, I just told my boyfriend’s cousin about some purebred Standard Poodles that are 6 months old but aren’t selling because of the economy. The price keeps dropping and the poor pups don’t have homes.

I like mutts because of the variety. It’s fun. Ginger and Holly are from the same litter but have different body types (Ginger is lanky, Holly is stocky), different coloring (Ginger is ginger and Holly is tan and black), different ears (Ginger is floppy, Holly is pointy), different tongues (Ginger has black spots, Holly doesn’t).

I can totally understand getting a purebred if there is a certain feature you want, like the woman I know who did a lot of research and finally got a mastiff because she wanted a lazy dog. Mutts don’t offer that kind of guarantee.

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I guess I’m just a wee bit defensive about it because on a dog board I frequent there are some of the ‘mutt people’ who are constantly running purebreds down, saying mutts are healthier, smarter, have more personality, blah blah blah… none of which is true, of course. I love all dogs… mutts, purebred, big and small… some just fit my life better than others!

Congrats on your new addition, I look forward to hearing all the adventures to come!

You wanna know what’s fun? Doggie DNA testing. Seriously.

When I got my second dog from the shelter, we had people offering all kinds of speculation about his possible muttly genetic combo.

More out of curiosity than anything, I ordered a canine DNA test kit from Amazon. “Wisdom Panel”, sixty bucks (yes, I know… probably frivolous, but it was birthday money)! Swab the inner cheeks twice, mail in the swabs and in 3 weeks, you have the results.

Surprisingly, he was a purebreed. The vet speculated that he came out of a puppy mill that had overbred their stock and caused the aberrations from the breed standard. Don’t even care, after all that. He is a good dog.


My dog boards usually describe this process as “Failed at Fostering.” :slight_smile: I’ve failed twice.


The DNA tests are notoriously unreliable, frequently returning various bizarre results. I’ve read many reports of dogs, even purebreds, being declared all sorts of improbable mixes of completely different-sized dogs. Take with a large halite crystal.

Welcome to the Failed Fosters Club*!!

I’m a member myself, but with my cat, not a dog. Your new pup is adorable!!
*What we call it in the rescue group I’ve volunteered with since 2002.

I failed to foster 4 out of 6 times over the last two years. That’s how you end up with 6 dogs.

That underweight Golden in the front is the our youngest and he was not a foster, just picked up from a really shitty breeder (the whole litter had parvo–I think Jake was the only survivor after vet care (we lost his brother the day they were supposed to come home)). He is not underweight anymore. :slight_smile:

Yay, doggies! his is the reason we never take in dogs anymore. We will always wind up keeping them. I just a couple days ago had to discourage my mom from bringing a puppy home from work.