Um, no. You are NOT getting this puppy.

So a few weeks back I rescued a shar pei pup that had been living (gasp) in a car and a 5th wheel with a woman who has cronically adopted and surrendered dogs when she “gets sick of them”

Rant #1 for this woman: Bitch, there is a special place in hell for people like you. You never took the poor thing to the vet, never had her spayed, never bathed her and fed her a rich diet that caused her to scratch her fur off. I’d like to cover you in honey and feed you to the fire ants. I’d like to stick you in a car for 6 months and leave you in a parking lot so you don’t mess in your low-rent trailer. Also, since I’m not an poor excuse for a human being like you, I’ll give you some company, let’s say the breeder who sold you the dog in the first place without any regard for how the animal would live…

Rant #2 (and the reason for the post): This one goes out to the scumbag who thinks I will allow her to adopt this dog. Your kids are the most ill-behaved bastards I’ve ever met. This is all your fault. You show up at my house with 3 horrid kids with lollypops who…are afraid of dogs! You allow them to throw rocks in my yard, pick up big sticks and swing them about with reckless abandon…all the while you play with the puppy. You can’t even take care of your own kids, why the hell should you get a dog?

You don’t pick up your terrified 3 year old who is being followed by the pup (who is just trying to play). I would have done it myself, but I was too busy prying your 5 year old off my deck landing that he was about to fall off of. You let your other 3 year old kiss the dog on the mouth. A dog you met for 20 minutes TOTAL. Great parenting, shitstick.

I had to tell these children that:
-I don’t have any soda…to which they replied, “What do you have?”
-I don’t have any videos they could watch
-They could not go in the house by themselves
-They should not pull up the metal fencing that is stuck to the ground over a big hole which has very sharp ends
-They could not give the pup a taste of their lolly
-They could not climb on the deck furniture
-They could not go “exploring” in my yard
-They could not take rocks out of the decorative creek and toss them where ever they wanted

I escorted all 3 of your wretched kids one by one to the bathroom, while poor excuse for a mom stayed outside. Um, hello, moron, you just met me and I can take your kid into my house unescorted?? You are a fucking idiot. Seriously I’d shot you with depo myself if I could.

Your kids all pulled my flowers off their stems.

You told me that none of the other rescue orgs would give you a dog because of the children and I was your last hope. Well, hope is over, shitbrain. You actually made a point of telling me that the kids would be out of the house during the day so the dog would get some peace. Oh, yeah, why don’t you just take her right now???

My husband and I have spent the last few weeks convincing this dog that she doesn’t need to sleep under a table, duck her head when you try to pet her and that olive oil does wonders for itchy dogs. She learned to “sit” in a day and never made a mess in my house. And I’m going to send her into the hellish existance you’ve created for yourself. No fucking way.

Unfortunately, this is one of the lightest horror cases I’ve seen as a foster mother for these little souls. And even more unfortunate is that this woman was the best “taker” so far!

(Oh, and this is not a slam on single moms, multi-kid moms or kids that go to daycare…I know all the prior mentions that are some of the best people on earth…I also know shitty people who do not fit into any of these categories)

Good for you sj2 for refusing to allow such irresponsible people to adopt the puppy. I’m afraid this little one has had a hard enough life that s/he doesn’t need a family of morons to live with.

You are absolutely right. I believe there is a special place in hell for people that abuse animals. Nothing would be too horrid for them to live in eternity.


Sheesh. And we call the cats and dogs the animals.

Hang in there, you’ll find a good home for the pup yet. I’m glad that people like you are around, that not only care enough to help, but have the resources and training to do it. :slight_smile:

Your dead right SJ, if there were moe people like you out there who had control over who got the puppies maybe there wouldnt be so many strays, and maybe there would be fewer dogs like that poor little thing in that type of situation in the first pace!

On a completely different note, how can this dog not find a nice home? Shar Peis are the cutest little things ever! If I could I would take him in a second.

You know Delly, I had my reservations about the breed at first. I though she would be aggressive…Boy, was I wrong. This dog is better behaved than my two “Great Idiots”. She is the sweetest little thing. I wish I could keep her myself, but the #3 slot is reserved for rescues.

Sadly, there have been no good potential homes for the little wrinkle-headed wonder (how lame am I, I nicknamed her “Winnie-Winkles”-of course said in a very high pitched voice…). 90% are the crazies and one had the nuts to ask if I would adopt her out un-spayed so he could breed her! What, The and Fuck were the only 3 words I could think of.

But I know why I do it, we’ve had some great success stories. And I’ll keep her here until her angel comes.

Good for you sj2, it sounds like that would be a real nightmare situation for the poor pup. You put up with a lot more than I would, I probably wound’t let that woman and her herd near my animals, much less in my house.

And adopting an unspayed Shar-Pei so they could breed it - $$ Some $$ people $$ don’t $$ want $$ a $$ pet, $$ they $$ just $$ want $$ a $$ money $$ machine. Asshole boneheads.

Winnie-Winkles is a cute name!

I though Winnie-Winkles was cute too. My hub nickenamed her BLYSS because her tongue and body are “Black Like Your Soul”. He also refers to her now as Bubby as in Beelzebub because she reminds him of the Terror Dogs in Ghostbusters.

We need to get out more, no? Although, I’ve never considered someone a true dog-parent if they don’t have at least 3 names for their dog to which they will come too…

If you iron out all those wrinkles she’ll be easier to place.

Seriously though, good on you for rescuing this poor critter. Even better that you are being so careful about who gets her. Most non-professional breeders run animal horror shows called “puppy mills” that would make nearly everyone here puke in outright rage.

Have you checked with any Shar-Pei rescue groups? There’s breed-specific rescues for just about every breed of dog going. They’ll take the dog, provide medical care, spay her, and adopt her out to a good home. They’d probably love you forever if you continued to foster her in the meantime. :slight_smile: Check the Internet, you can get some help in trying to find a good home for her. In the meantime, keep on doing what you’re doing – better to keep her than to let her go to THAT hellish existence!!!

All I can say is, thank goodness there are people like you in the world Sj2! Good job…I hope you find someone for Winnie-Winkles (adorable name btw) real soon!!

What a shitfaced eggsucking dickwad!
And that goes both for the former ‘owner’ of this dog and the dipstick with the assmonkeyraping yard dorks for kids.

I hope you find a home for Winnie soon. And that it’s with a decent family who’ll take care of her the way she deserves.

As the owner of two adopted cats (from the HSUA and one from a group called UNT Ferals), I applaud you for not giving her to someone who’s not gonna take care of her, or use her for a breeding machine.
Just have faith that the right person will come along. Hopefully it will be soon.


Shar pei’s are lovely dogs. Good on ya for not giving in and letting the woman and her tribe take the poor thing.

The right person will come along soon.

Good luck :slight_smile:

::applauds sj2::

Thanks for making the world a better place for the puppies.

Ugh. Just UGH.

Poor puppy. I’d probably wanna keep her for myself.

What’s weong with wanting to breed a dog eventually? They have to come from somwehre ya know, those furry things don’t grow in trees.

Gozu–there are more dogs than the world can handle at present because asshats are breeding them like crazy. I cringe at the thought of puppy mills and anyone who wants a specific breed of dog themselves can either go to a breeder or a breed rescue club. Take a look in ANY pound or humane society or rescue group. There are plenty of cute, cuddly dogs that need homes without people breeding more who are probably gonna end up homeless or euthanized or with assraping yard monkeys like the morons mentioned in the OP.

I’ve watched, several weekends in a row, a guy selling (supposedly)purebred Lab puppies out of the back of his truck on my way to work. I feel sorry for the dogs and for the schmucks who buy the puppies cuz they’re probably overcharged.

Gozu, breeding dogs is a very touchy subject. I feel the only reason people should ever breed dogs and cats is to better the breed. Sadly, many people think just because the animals have papers, they should be able to breed them and make some money off them. Often, they don’t look at the individual animals and breed animals that have major faults - be it physical problems or temperament problems. This leads to inferior animals, who are often just put to sleep when they can’t be placed in suitable homes(behavioral problems) or people don’t want to pay for vet care (physical problems). Plus, for every purebred with a home, an unwanted shelter animal goes homeless.
Papers on a dog or cat DOES NOT mean the animal is of a quality to breed, and better the breed.

There is no shortage of dogs, we’re not going to run out anytime soon.

My family usually goes with breeders, because my mom believes that dogs, unlike cats, are more tricky-they require more training and personality quirks associated with breed, etc.

So, we’re hoping for another Westie, since we know the breed.

sj2, while I certainly understand that whole scary “death of privacy via internet message board” thing, by not revealing your location you’re excluding any dopers who might be in your area from a fair shot at the dog :smiley: