Apparently you can't be "orgasmic."

In this post we learn you can’t be orgasmic about anything, because icky or something.

News to me. Also, pretty lame, IMHO.

The rule in GD is “attack the post, not the poster”. What’s wrong with a warning to not attack the poster?

It’s been in the Great Debates rules sticky since 2004. I remember this kind of comment being fairly common in my early days as a poster. It’s not common now because it’s against the rules, and perhaps that’s why you weren’t aware of it.

It seems clear to me that such a remark is insulting, and in this case was intended as such.

**You **can be orgasmic - you just can’t say others are (unless, I guess you’re talking about actual, evidenced, sexual gratification).

Can’t be more clear than that.

Just try not to get any on the furniture. Other people have to use that.

Guadere’s law apparently even applied to posts about others’ posting etiquette.

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True to form… (let’s just forget this conversation ever happened)

I have no horse in this fight! :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, there are very few hard written rules in Great Debates. But the ones that are should simply not be hard to follow. Avoid insults, don’t accuse others of lying and so forth all promote good debate and discussion. Violating them does not and it’s always sad when - especially long-time - posters break them.

We’re not policy makers, here. There’s nothing riding on the discussion except perhaps so ego. If that’s so important that one could resort to name-calling - and other less dignified responses - perhaps stepping back and getting out in the sun for a while is called for.

I tried that just now, but it’s snowing here right now. Maybe later in the Spring. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s RIGHT. Since I moved to Charleston I’d forgotten how the rest of the country lives.

It’s 78 and sunny here right now. I think I’ll go for a stroll.

Where IS that seersucker suit?

I assume it’s okay to call Putin orgasmic?

ETA: Added link.