Apples and Dumplings... Is this a thing?

I know that apple dumplings are a thing- a whole apple baked inside a dough shell. That’s not what I’m thinking of.

What I want is a recipe where you have small pieces of apples, along with soft but slightly chewy dumplings, like in chicken and dumplings, but sweet. Maybe in some kind of caramel sauce, but not too sweet.

Is this a recipe? Or how would I make my own recipe for this- any suggestions?

Hmm, my mom used to make blackberry and dumplings for dessert sometimes when we were little. She hasn’t made it in probably 30 yrs though. It was blackberries bubbling away in a thick syrup sauce and then she’d spoon dumpling batter over the top and close the lid until the dumplings cooked (steamed, I guess). It was one of my favorite things to eat. We had it often because we had a ton of berry vines in our backyard and so it was a cheap dessert for us.

I don’t have a recipe or anything, but I’m guessing she cooked the berries in sugar and water until they thickened and made syrup. Then put whole berries in toward the end so they didn’t all cook away.

Sounds like what you are trying to make with apples. I should get the recipe from her.

Plumb dumplings are fairly common. I don’t see any reason you couldn’t use apple.

I wonder if you could just do a cobbler recipe for the apples, something extra saucy, or even with apple sauce added, and then drop dumplings into the dish instead of the top crust. You might have to play with the time a bit, but I think it would work well.

I found a sweet dumpling recipe:
1 cup flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
3 Tablespoons shortening
1/2 cup milk

In finding this, I found a couple of applesauce and dumpling recipes, but not anything exactly like I’m imagining you’re looking for. It sounds good! I’m thinking apple pie in a pot, sorta.

That’s pretty much what I was thinking. It essentially just sounds like another variation of cobbler. The way I do cobbler is start with fruit cooked in butter and sugar and then spoon the cobbler dough (a biscuit-type dough for me. Bisquick works well.) in lumps on top (I don’t do a full crust). It this is similar to a New England version of cobbler called slumpy, though I make mine in the oven (after starting the fruit mixture on the stovetop.)

(ETA: This looks a lot more like how I make it. I do it with apples as well. You’ll probably have to play around with the dough to get it the consistency you want, but you might want to think about cooking it covered so you get that soft and slightly chewy consistency. I also use Bisquick for my chicken and dumplings–at least when I’m in a hurry–and I can’t see why a similar technique wouldn’t work here.)

The picture in your link looks just like what my mom used to make!

I will try to make it like that- kind of stewed apples, with extra sauce, with Bisquick dumplings, covered. See how it turns out. Thanks!

There is a recipe I used to make that used crescent rolls, granny smith apples, and 1 can of mountain dew to make what the recipe called “apple dumplings”… They were soooo good… fattening but good. Seems like I took it a step further and added a bit of cream cheese on top of apples before wrapping…

There was even a gang in the 19th century named after them…

Come back and let us know!

Okay. Today I decided, for research purposes only, to make The Pioneer Woman’s apple dumplings. Oh. My god. This is it. It’s pieces of apples, check, with a dumpling-like substance, check. But better than regular dumplings like in chicken and dumplings, because the tops are crispy and the bottoms are soft and chewy. I topped them with vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl, so caramel, check. And just for that extra-special deep-South appeal, it also contains Mountain Dew. I don’t know. But my family went freaking nuts for this and I ate too much and I can’t move right now.

So, yeah.

Some cooking show I saw one time did an easy cobbler thing that I’ll bet could be adapted to dumplings. Whoever it was prepared the fruit filling, which was in individual ramekins (but wouldn’t have to be), and for the dough/topping, she took one of those ready-made refrigerator sugar cookie logs and broke off pieces and scattered them over the filling. Maybe it was Sandra Lee. You could just as easily push some of the topping down into the fruit filling to make dumplings.

Of course, you would have to make this over and over in the interest of science, testing different fillings and different cookie toppings. And different ice creams, too. Could turn out to be a long, long process.

Sounds too sweet for my personal taste. I would do something like make biscuits or scones [depending on your viewpoint] that are just lightly sweetened and depend on the goo with the apple chunks to do the sweetening of the more bland biscuits, like a classic strawberry shortcake [not the pound cake type].

Yeah, I think the fruit filling would have to be way less sweet than in, say, a pie.

I’ve adapted that recipe and it’s my go to for easy things to take to a potluck. Coworkers dubbed them “cinnamon crack buns.” I make them with apples or peaches.

I wonder if ginger ale would work instead of Mountain Dew.

Yes. I actually tend to use pineapple soda. You could use any fruity soda (fruit punch might be weird), or even cola. I would avoid root beer or Dr. Pepper or something that distinctive.

I also cut back the sugar (and use dark brown instead of white) and the butter. It’s too much otherwise.

Oh, and you can use pie crust instead of crescent rolls.

Try this.

That looks a lot like what I was originally looking for- thank you!