Apprentice 10/28

Hello again, Apprentice fans.

This week: Recruitment campaigns. Does Andy win his week as PM, or does he go home?

Kevin for president.

I have to say, I think Andy’s concept is really effective and cool.

The first ad was a straight clone of the “Starship Troopers” ad ***“Join the Mobile Infantry and save the World”! ** *

I can’t really say the loss is Elizabeth’s fault. She was obviously an ineffective leader but the military idea was really stupid and she was the only one who was against it. The problem is that she should have been more decisive about it. (“No that sucks, what’s next?” instead of “I love it but…”)

On the other hand, I don’t know who else to blame, so I guess the firee should be E. by default.

Andy’s concept was terriffic.

I can only keep track of one thread, people!

How 'bout that power move by Kelly. He was thinking ‘great idea, let me think of a way to horn in on the glory’. I think he’s going to win.

I thought she was absolutely to blame. She knew the idea was bad and did it anyway. She couldn’t have led a turd through a goose.

Her obliviousness about it lasted all the way through the cab ride by the way. “Why’d they gang up on me?!?” :smiley: