April 8th - Roma Nation Day

Tomorrow will be the 33rd Roma Nation Day.

This day calls for the recognition of the Romani Nation by the international community. A Nation with no claims to land, but a world-wide Nation of something like 15 million Roma.

It’s also a day of peace and unity.

To mark the day, Romani communities and their supporters around the world will light candles as a symbol of that peace and unity.

One of the first people to light a candle will be the Dalai Lama. There will be a rally in our motherland of India, where our Indian brothers and sisters will show solidarity for us.

You can see details about Roma Nation Day and events organised around the world here.

Some information about Romani nationalism, our flag’s history and our anthem can be found here. More about the anthem, including a download so you can listen to it, can be found here.

I would ask one thing of you, my friends. If you support this fledgling Nation and its people, consider lighting a candle of your own tomorrow.

Kushti bok,


Opre Roma.

15 million? Hot damn! That’s almost twice the population of Sweden.

As a Roma (Romani?), are you offended by the usage of the word “gypped” in this quote:

Yes. Very.

It would be similar to saying “the Good Lord blacked me” or “the good lord jewed me”.

OK then. I used that quote in another thread and had no idea the word came from “gypsy” (as I assume it does) or that anyone would be offended by it, until it was pointed out to me.

No problem, pal…I’ll consider it :wink:

Hopefully next year you’ll have less to be angry about than this year. Hopefully.

All the best on your day Kal. Thanks for letting us know about it.

I may have to check the house for a candle tonight, and if I don’t have one I’ll buy one.

Kal, does the date have any particular significance in Rom history? I ask because it also happens to be my mother’s birthday (she would have been 75 tomorrow).

I note that your post and links refer to calling for the recognition of the Romani Nation by the international community; is there anything that individuals can do to assist in this endevour? Write to the leadership of one’s country or the UN?

Consider it done, Kal!

What does “Kushti bok” mean, by the way?

oki doki kal.
candle and matches to the ready!

Lurky: April 8th was chosen because it was the date the first ever World Romani Congress opened.

Writing letters to politicians and statesmen is always helpful, if somewhat frustrating.

Coldfire: Kushti bok means ‘Good luck’.

Kal - is that where we get the slang term “cushty”, a la Del Boy?

Hurrah ! I wish … they’d come back and finish my drive … :eek: :smiley:
Anyway, yes indeed … Kushti bok and bottoms up, Matron !

Yes Francesca, Kushti = Cushty (I’ve always wondered if Cushy is from the same root, too)

British slang is full of Romani words and Del Boy comes out with a lot of them. A way to think of it is that while nowadays street language contains quite a bit of Jamaican patoi, a couple of hundred years ago it contained quite a bit of Romani.

Have a good day and I’ll be there with the 'oul ones in City Quay Church lighting a candle. I’ll be the only one not praying for a son who’s up in court next week.

I shall light a candle and think of your people. I looked at your flag and national anthem link, and I thought the words of the national anthem looked familiar. Turns out I already have an MP3 version of it on my computer. It’s a version done by a French group, and it’s faster paced than the version from the second link in your OP.

Kushti bok to you and your loved ones, too.

I’ll light a candle.

I’ll just bump this thread, as there are several posters with Romani ancestry who may not know about today.

Happy Roma Nation day, Kal!

Cheers, Coldie.

Happy Roma Day!