April Fools day joke articles that persist.

A while back, some newspaper published an article on April 1 where Geoff Hurst, hat-trick hero of the 1966 World cup admits that he saw that the one controversial goal that he scored never actually crossed the line. Since then I’ve seen people link to it in all seriousness not noting the date of the article. Any other good examples of newspaper articles published on April Fools day that people keep thinking are real?

There’s tons. The problem with “joke” articles is they usually look real, but are only funny in the “Yer shoelace is untied – HAAAAAH he totally looked!!!LOLOLOL1111onehurdurhurduroneonewonwun!!” sense.

The Ticino Spaghetti Harvest dates to 1957


They weren’t specifically April Fools jokes, but in its early days the urban-legend-debunking site Snopes published some joke articles. A few of these “lost legends” are still cited as fact by people who aren’t in on the joke. I especially hear the one about Mr. Ed being a zebra. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/category/lost-legends/

I didn’t think that was in the beginning, rather just something they dreamed up several years on. I thought it was questionable then, and still do. Aside from adding to the confusion, it makes it easier for people to say Snopes isn’t valid.

but they never asked me.

This moon landing thing. Especially cunning since it wasn’t printed until July 21 - exactly 105 days after April Fools Day!

5-0-1 = 4; first digit is 1; ergo it’s code for 4/1, April Fools day! How could the world not have caught this???

There is this one.

my continuing favorite from Tor Books

That is truly a thing of beauty.