I want my April Fool's Day news stories, dammit!

It’s April Fool’s Day here already. I’ve checked both the news sites I regularly read, and I can’t find an April Fool’s day joke item. This means one of two things. They haven’t run one this year - which would make the baby Og cry - or they have, and I can’t pick it, which would be embarrassing.

This is really getting to me. Quite often I forget it’s 1 April and am reading the news and come across some stupid story about liquorice trees or a newly found species of winged pig and wonder what the hell’s going on. This year I remembered, and went looking, and can’t find what is always there.

Anyway, use this thread to link to silly 1 April stories when you wake up, Westerners…

Or a third thing…the lack of a joke IS the joke. Gotcha! Heehee…

April 1 was cancelled this year to make room for more celebrity news.

Sorry you missed the memo

I’d settle for an April 1 joke celebrity news story. I wouldn’t like it, but I’d take it if it was the only thing on offer.

LOL! That is a good one !

What about a slightly highfalutin Biblical Archaeology one?

Can’t read that one, their server isn’t coping with the traffic. And it’s not in my usual news sites. I wan’ my April Fool’s story, waaaaaaah!

I heard on the radio this morning that the International Astronomical Union has decided to turn the zodiac metric. There will now only be 10 star signs, with a few added days to each of the new ones to make up the coverage of the whole year.

The Trader Joe’s one was pretty good

Either you’ve copied that link wrong somehow, or they’ve pulled that story already. But here’s another link I found that still works, while it lasts:
Trader Joe’s to Close All Stores by 2017, Plans to Discontinue Products

Raymond Smullyan, in the opening paragraphs of his book What Is The Name Of This Book?, tells of the day he fell for the April Fool’s prank that wasn’t.

It’s hard to copy what I wrote once before with all the formatting intact, so here’s a link to an earlier post where I quoted the entire relevant text:

Did you see that Dave Grohl is going to take Brian Johnson’s placefor the remaining dates of the AC/DC tour?

Check out the front page of Wikipedia.

I was hoping the news about a Mythbusters remake was an April Fool’s. Maybe it is.

That’s what you get for living on the wrong side of the planet. All us folks who aren’t living upside down will get our April Fools jokes on 1 April, as is natural.

You can believe whatever makes you happy, but in the end you’re just envious because my weekend has already started and Xmas is closer to me than you.

Something so funny from Google it cost some people job problems:

How about this one;

Have you seen the actual news this year? What would be more absurd or unbelievable?

This won’t make much sense unless you follow hockey, but it just about made me puke when I first read it.