April Fools...

And it’s that time of year again…

I’m jumping the gun a little in order to have some good ideas for tomorrow.

So… best prank you ever played in honour of April?

I have only a few that stand out… sneaking into the school labs and putting phenolphthalein into all the bottles of acid and alkali on the benches was one, as was taking a rather good friend (who happened to be responsible for the school sound system) into switching all the Mozart CDs for Nirvana.

And then there’s the conventional stuff - treacle and clingfilm on the loos, removing all the “Silence Please” notices, and turning all the clocks forward by five minutes…

Please, improve on this recital of banality. What’ve you done to give your fellow man cause to curse your name with great enthusiasm?

All in the name of fun, of course…


I’d like to think I’m mature enough not to partake in such silliness…

Hey, look! There’s a tiger behind you!

Where??? Where??? Hey, there isn’t any tiger… ahhh, theres a bear!!!

I’ve not been as much of a prankster as I wish I’d been, so I’ll just recount the best prank I’ve ever heard of.

To pull this off, you need:]

  1. 1,000 or so toy balloons
  2. A tank of compressed air (enough air to fill the balloons)
  3. An ice chest
  4. Liquid nitrogen
  5. The key to someone’s dorm room/office/whathaveyou.


  1. Put liquid nitrogen into ice chest.
  2. Blow up a balloon and tie it off.
  3. Put it in ice chest, where the liquid nitrogen will shrink it down to a tiny size (cold air shrinks remarkably).
  4. Repeat with the remaining balloons.
  5. Place ice chest in victim’s room.
  6. Remove lid from ice chest.

As the liquid nitrogen thaws, so I hear, the balloons will resume their normal size, filling the room almost to the bursting point with balloons.


Took one of my son’s diapers and melted some chocolate on it, then told my daughter to show it to her mother and then take a bite.

Created a hotmail account in the name of a couple we met while on vacation, then wrote my wife a letter from them saying what a good time they had and how maybe next time we could become “close” friends. The letter went on to describe detailed feelings toward her and even included an explicit picture. She really fell for it until the letter mentioned her studly husband, then she knew it was a joke.

There’s a good story here.

Melt chocolate and make chocolate-coated rubberband candy (just like making choc.coated nuts etc). You need to tie each rubber band into a knot so it doesn’t stretch out long. Serve.

Get some catnip from a pet store. Hand-roll a few cigarettes from the catnip. Go find somebody who smokes something that, um, looks and tastes a bit like catnip. Excitedly tell him you got some really good stuff, and he ought to try some. Look over your shoulder, then hand him one of the hand-rolled cigarettes. Catnip is not intoxicating to humans, but if your friend thinks it’s something else, you’ll see him persuade himself he’s getting stoned. Without any prompting from you, he may even want to buy some.

Great link!

Buy some foam shaving cans.
Freeze said cans.
Cut open cans, removing frozen foam.
Place strategically. (Personally, I find that on/under seats of cars works well. But also various places in a person’s house/room can have fun results)

Note: Make SURE the can is frozen before you cut it open. Otherwise, the jokes on you…

I can’t open that link. Is it me?

Kalhoun, try hovering your mouse over the link, and typing it in your address window. That site is hilarious! I can’t believe what some of those people fell for!

ah hahahaha

I fell for it big time!

I don’t know if I believe some of the other stunts in that site. C’mon, a friggin’ moose?

Um, no. Catnip doesn’t look or smell like marijuana. Anyone who has smoked pot more than twice in his life won’t get fooled by that trick.

Shade - great site. Although, that stunt with the wooden clothes pegs - ouch.

:smiley: That’s pretty awesome – especially the spaghetti story, which my mom told me about as a child. But a moose? Couldn’t find it.


Here’s a link to something that really got me. When you click on it, you’ll get a site with just a picture on it. You’re looking for what is wrong in the picture. It took me a minute or two to get it. Good Luck!


Sometimes I’m too subtle for my own good.


My boss decided it’d be funny to sneak up behind me and yell “HEY CLAY!!” at the top of his voice.

I thought the entire building was empty and my nerves were already kinda wired (had to walk to work from school… locked my keys in the car… grumble grumble…).

So that sucked.