A prank odyssey

Evenin’ all, Gahudh, at your service.
Now we all know what’s going on at this point of the year- that’s right, my last last weeks of school before final exams. Now don’t worry, this isn’t one of those ‘I’m so stressed’ threads- rather I have decided to play every prank possible before leaving my much loved ahem hem school forever.
So here’s the deal. You (the adoring public, undoubtedly smitten by my maturity) suggest any prank you care to imagine and I will carry it out and report back for further orders.
I will carry out any prank/stunt provided that:

1.It hasn’t already been done by myself or someone else recently.
2.It doesn’t cost too much money, as I am a povvo.
3.It is possible to carry it out and conceal my identity (so not rocking up to school naked for instance)
4.Nobody gets maimed permanently as a result of it.
5.It doesn’t break too many laws.

Thanks in advance and happy suggesting. Don’t worry if your prank is a bit lame- things are pretty damn boring around here right now. Thanks!

Every school has statues of great men on campus.

Most schools have thrift/cosignment shops nearby.

These shops tend to sell nice, pretty sundresses for cheap.

That is all.

Well, in my last year of high school, our prank was twofold:

  1. Arrange fire truck with the foamy retardant. Fill school halls on North end of building at 5 AM.
  2. Arrange 50 goats. Release through South entrance at 5:15.

Then sit in front of the building, drinking beer, until the principal arrives.

Uh, I understand that in some jurisdictions, this might indeed break a few laws. And it sure as hell breaks the school’s carpet. So, I’d recommend against it, really. :wink:

Uh, Clogboy, do you get to give yourself an official warning for advocating the commission of illegal acts?

Get a cat, a solid hat of some kind, and a recording of Scottish folk music. Stand on a street corner like a begging musician, and play the cat like it was a set of bagpipes…

One I always wanted to do in upstate New York when I was going to school there:
Dress up in an anti-radiation suit, grab a Geiger counter (or something that looks like one) and a can of yellow spray paint. Walk around town taking readings, and randomly draw circles on the pavement, walls, sleeping cats.
Great fun, if someone else would do it.

From my youth:

Step 1: Find a soft drink vending machine on campus.
Step 2: Using a dolly, move said vending machine into a room you will be attending class in the next school day (preferably early) and plug it in.
Step 3: Come to class with dollar bills, buy everyone a drink.
Step 4: Hilarity ensues.

Yeah, I had to think, as most of the pranks I pulled in school involved breaking a law or six.

Two made national news. No, I’m not gonna come clean.

One not very cheap at all prank is to hide someone’s room.

You need:
Dry wall
Dutchmen (not Coldfire, but canvas strips soaked in plaster)
Paint or matching wallpaper.
A dupe who will be gone for 6-8 hours.

This works best in a Fraternity house or somewhere you may paint the halls.

  1. After the dupe goes out, immediately position the drywall in front of their door. (Make sure their roommate has everything they will need for the rest of the day.)

  2. Place as many of the sandbags as you can behind the drywall. (At least up to eye level. It will make the “wall” sound solid.)

  3. Secure the dry wall with the dutchmen. Smooth them out as flat as you can. You can also use a good, high quality glue and glue the drywall to the door frame, then spackal the seam. Hold the drywall while everything sets. Bring lunch.

  4. Paint the drywall to match the rest of the hall.

  5. When the dupe comes home, everyone act like they don’t know him. “Room 6? There’s no room 6.”

One more thing:

How well a prank works (the hilarity which should ensue), is often inversely proportional to the expense of the prank.

I offer my above pranks as evidence. Hiding Jay’s room didn’t turn out to be nearly as funny as putting a nice, pretty sundress on a statue of a stodgy, Victorian gentleman.

That would have been extremely fun and hillarious several years ago (the radiation suit would have to cover your entire head so nobody would see you cracking up laughing), but with all the paranoia about terrorism now, you’d be more likely to cause a panic.

Yeah, I know. I’ll probably never be able to talk anyone into it now. :frowning:

A group of guys in my high school snuck into the cafeteria early one morning with the following items:
[ul]Several economy packs of condoms
[li]A rented helium tank[/ul][/li]Hilarity nearly ensued, but their fatal mistake was sneaking in too early; the prank was discovered, a ladder was fetched and the party balloons were removed before the other students arrived.
The pranksters were suspended for a day, though not without regret on the part of the assistant principal, who thought it was really funny.

Buy as many live ladybugs as you can afford. Leave the open container in some unsuspecting dupe’s office/classroom/bedroom. Make sure all doors and windows are closed when you leave (hopefully giving the little critters some time to get loose before said dupe gets back).

If you think about it, even a little bit, the possibilities of super-glue are really endless. Just be careful to not get stuck to your own work.

Senior year, last week before finals, night before room inspections.

Munch goes out drinking. Crashes at a friends apartment.

Back in the dorm, all of Munch’s freshmen thought it would be funny to fill his room with newspaper. Actually, four months previously, Munch’s freshmen thought it would be funny to fill his room with newspaper, so they started collecting. And collecting, and collecting.

You can fill a dorm room with crumpled newspaper completely to the ceiling with about 10 guys in 3 hours.

Well, with just some swag bolts, cement anchors, safety pins, a drill, some construction cement, and rubber cement (the latter for things you don’t want to ruin), one can succesfully reassemble an entire dorm room upside down on the ceiling, down to the sheets on the bed and the books on the desk.

I did not personally perform this prank, but it happened once a semester to one room in our dorm. My sophomore year, fall semester, it happened to the room across the hall from me.

It really was a work of art. :slight_smile:

But you are 3 years too late.

The Prank Odyssey took place in 2001. :slight_smile:

Remember the Aluminum Foil Prank? The attention to detail was impressive.

A very annoying but generally harmless one I heard about from years ago was getting a bunch of cheap digital watches and setting the alarms to go off inside of the lockers at the same time. With the echoes off the metal and the halls it makes an impressive racket.

I’ve heard of crickets in the ventilation shafts used for the same annoyance factor.

Oh and don’t forget what someone on these boards said: If you combine petroleum jelly with the cream filling of Twinkies, the resulting mixture will flouresce (sp?) in ultraviolet light.

If only I knew that when I was in high school. I had the perfect opportunity to sabotage a school play and humiliate that wretched excuse for a drama teacher. Le sigh. I know that sounds awful, but trust me, the whole class would have applauded her downfall.

Well, heck, so will plain old Tide laundry detergent. (and others with optical brighteners.) Dilute it with water, paint naughty pictures on your wall, and it’s invisible in normal light after it dries. Though the scent will give it away.

My dad and friends did this to a guy on their hall back in the late 60s. In their case it was a spur of the moment thing; they were lucky to find a guy who’d been saving papers for a recycling drive.

I wonder if one of your freshmen was the offspring of one of my dad’s friends. :smiley:

What a response! Thanks for the pranks wa- guys. There were some pretty awesome suggestions there and I garuantee on the last day that some of these will definitely be carried out. :smiley:
Maus Magill you are a genius! Only problem is, we don’t have a statue as such. We do, however have a large, regal stone head. Some lipstick and a sunhat are in my bag even as we speak…
Since I had to go to sleep right after I finished posting last night I haven’t carried out any of the suggested pranks YET. I did, however, run some guy’s hat up the flag pole without anyone finding out it was me. He had fun explaining that! (no really, he was laughing about it!)