Senior High School pranks?

Maybe this belongs in IMHO, but I’ll try it here…

First of all…check out this quicktime movie of a great senior prank.

That prank beats the pants off anything my lame ass class did in High School. Actually, I don’t think we HAD an official senior prank…previous classes had painted a Mickey Mouse on the planetarium dome…or put the big steer from the local Sirloin Stockade on the front lawn…then of course you had your streakers in the 70s…

Any good doper senior pranks you care to share with the teeming millions?

I don’t recall exactly what the seniors did my first year (frosh year), but it might have involved a boat.

When I was a soph, they burned “1997” (w/o the quotes) into the lawn of where they were graduating.

Junior year was a class of idiots. They decided “Hey, wouldn’t it be lots of fun to trash the library?” So they took every single book out of its place. Several were destroyed, even. Ripped, torn, stained, whatever. Administration and faculty were pissed beyond words in my vocabulary. I think they had to make amends somehow, but whatever it was, it wasn’t enough.

Senior year someone ran through several classes in a “Scream” outfit. My math class and english class both got run through.

My senior year some people-of course I was nowhere around when it happened-released 1000 live crickets into the auditorium.
Good thing I scraped the mailing label off the box that held them :slight_smile:

I didn’t do this (different state), but a friend of mine tells me that one of the classes at his school put thousands of little dixie cupe full of water down every hallway. Picture something like this:


where the "o"s are cups of water, the brackets are lockers and the d is a door. Knocking one over would have caused somewhat of a chain reaction:)

And, of course, at my high school, the abbot’s car ended up on the commencement lawn several times.

The Dead of Discipline tells us that one school he knows of put an ad in a few local papers advertising the head’s house/office for sale. Of course, several bathrooms, several kitchens, lovely view, tennis courts, swimming pool, basketball courts, the works. I forget what number they gave to call, but it was such that the head got preeeetty busy that week:)

That video was great. My class didn’t do anything, but a there were a few ok ones in the past. One year they put our Viking statue on the gym roof, and another year then ran a coach’s tire up the flag pole. The dumbass class of 99 decided to discharge the fire extinguishers and poor motor oil on the gym floor. :rolleyes:

I was in high school in the late 80’s, and our class staged a prank we called “Hands Across the Library”.

The school library had been the scene of many a prank throughout my school years. A few of our standard techniques:

  • A small group of us would check out an entire shelf of books. We’d each take five from the same section, leaving that area bare.

  • We would remove the magnetic strips from the books and plant them on people’s clothing or bags. They would then set off the detecctors, and merriment would ensue as the victim would practically be made to strip when no unchecked book was found.

  • Through generally rowdy behavior, we would attempt to set the record for being thrown out of the library the fastest. My friend Tom was once thrown out 2.3 seconds after entering the library (he had a bit of a reputation as a tgroublemaker).

  • We once put a Hustler in the magazine rack, and then repaired to a safe distance to observe reactions. An economics teacher finally found it and walked off with it.

… so anyway, we planned “Hands Across the Library” with the precision of a military maneuver. Diagrams and everything. Zero-hour was 1:00 on the last day of school.

The administration got wind of our plans (darn loose lips!), but actually let us go through with it. Guess they figured it would be too hard to stop the entire senior class, which had by this time assembled in the school’s courtyard.

The signal was given by our leader to proceed, and we all marched off in high spirits for the library. I was at the front of this juggernaut, and recall being astonished that this was actually the biggest outpouring of school spirt I’d ever seen.

So we all barged into the library, completed the circle and began singing. We then proceeded to set the record for most people on a single library table, at around 25.

While we were enjoying ourselves a couple of hotheads started stripping books off the shelves, and they were swiftly dealt with by some of the more reasonable of us. I’m actually kind of proud of that - we sort of realized the school was allowing us to do this, and I remember feeling we had a duty to make it a class act.

Haven’t thought about that in ages. Fun times.

This year, our school’s senior prank was crappy. The seniors (but not all of them) went and jumped in the pool wearing their clothes. Wow, great idea. It’s they who have to walk around wet for the rest of the day.

I think my class is stealing the gigantic inflatable apple from the orchard/farm store next door, and anchoring it in our courtyard.

I went to what was called an “open” school. It didn’t have interior walls, the “classrooms” were desks grouped around chalkboards. Naturally, the different types of classes had different kinds of stuff in their little clusters, like maps in the social studies area, and lab equipment in the science area. For our senior prank, we switched the clusters on the second and third floors. The point was that you would step off the stairway, see all the science stuff, and think “wow, I’m on the wrong floor!” Hilarity ensues. For some reason, it was a heck of a lot more tiresome moving all the stuff * back* than it was to switch it in the first place. :rolleyes: Not the most well-thought out prank in the world. If anyone is thinking of a senior prank, I have a phrase for you to keep in mind: minimal clean-up time.

Although my senior class did nothing for a senior prank, there were these guys that graduated a few years before us that scaled up the building somehow to the second floor art room and turned everything, and I mean everything-every table, chair, painting, shelf, and art supply in that room upside down.

I had always suspected that the folks who went to my high school were… well, let’s just say the collective elevator stopped far short of the observation deck. My junior year, several had the brilliant idea of liberating the Auto Shop project car (which was mere days away from being finished and resold to make money for future auto shop projects) and rolled it into the pool. Now, I’ve heard of some dumb ideas, but that one took the cake. I mean, really… what did that possibly prove, guys? Ya wrecked the car, made the school hire a crane and divers to remove the car, drain and replace the water in the pool to decontaminate it, and made the entire freshman class miss the swimming instruction part of their PE (damn, why wasn’t that me? I hated the swimming unit PE, and would have happily pushed a car into the pool to get out of it! Curse me and my unimaginitive self.).

My senior year, the class couldn’t even get it together for a real senior prank (not to mention that senior ditch day was the day Columbine went down, which kind of took the wind out of my sails.). The closest they came, apparently, was desinging an elaborate plan to lift and move one of the portable buildings that housed a temporary classroom. Apparently, they worked out the entire plan until they realized that four pickup trucks and 10-15 drunk high school kids weren’t really gonna hack it. Smart kids, really. I’m reeeal glad I got the hell outta Dodge when I did…

Our Economics teacher told us of his prank in HS.

They dug up a section of the road outside the front of their school. When this was done they called up the council to tell them that some students had dug up some of the road and to repair it.

Then they called up the police and told them that some students were digging up the road.

When the council workers arrived to fix the road they told them that there were some students around pretending to be policemen and to just ignore them.

The fun started when the police arrived :smiley:

(I hope this makes sense)

I think our senior class put an outhouse on top of the main building of the school. I wasn’t involved…

I don’t recall any pranks by anyone of any year at my HS - then again, it was 30 years ago and my memory is fading.

My husband was involved in disassembling a VW and reassembling in on the roof of his school.

My kid didn’t mention anything about pranks at her HS this year.

We ar so boring…

Our senior class really didn’t do too much. Our “rival” high school’s mascot, (believe it or not) was a rock. They were the St. Andrews Rocks, and we always snuck over to the school to spraypaint the huge boulder in front of the school. (Clever phrases, too… “Crush the Rocks”, “Smash the Rocks”, etc…) This always pissed the administrators off, because it cost the school a thousand dollars to have the rock sandblasted every time we did it.

They got us back pretty good one year, though. Our mascot was the Razorback. So, one year, they put dead, bloody hog heads everywhere. All throughout the hallways, in the principal’s office, on the door handles of the cafeteria. Made for an interesting day, I tell ya. You never knew where you would find one.

We had a couple of fun kids in my chemistry class my senior year. Our teacher was notorious for not paying attention to us while we were taking tests, doing busy work, etc. There was a cheerleader that sat on the opposite side of the room from my friends and me. Somehow, during the final exam for the year, we orchestrated doing “the wave” while Ms. Smith was dozing at her desk. We actually stood up, threw our hands in the air, and let it run back and forth about 4 times. By the time Ms. Smith looked up, we were all on the verge of completely losing it. 34 kids, doing the wave… and not making a sound the entire time.

At my high school there was a Ticket Lady, a woman who drove around in a golf cart and doled out parking tickets to the people who weren’t in their assigned spaces. So our prank was a disassemble her golf cart and move it to the school’s roof, right over the main entrance. It was nicely decorated with crepe paper, ballons, and fake money. The administration actually complimented our class for doing something funny yet non-damaging.

Compare that to the year before, when the seniors brilliantly put dog shit throughout the entire schoo’s ventilation system. In June. Every class smelled to high heaven, and we all just had to deal with it.

My sister’s class stacked car tires all the way up the flagpole. Those are all the ones I remember.

Our senior prank almost landed me in prison. Me and 6 of my friends all piled into my postal jeep, and headed out to our school at midnight. We Had this brilliant plan. We had made a tape to be played at morning anouncements, and the plan was to hide the tape player in the celing over on of the bathrooms with a string hanging down, that when pulled would trigger it. We were gonna use the wires leading to the pa speaker in the bathroom, rewire the pa to accept it as a microphone input, and we were going to rewire the pa control panel to be permanently on. While myself, and another guy were doing the re-wiring, a second team would be moving the Vice Principals office into the girls bathroom, and puting coke machines in the principles office. We had two lookouts, on the roof with walkietalkies, we had made practice run a day or two before to see if there was an alarm. We had master keys to the school, and we thought it would go great. First of all, we forgot to put batteries in the walkietalkies. second, there was an alarm, just a really crappy one, so it didn’t go off on the practice run, and did go off when we were testing the PA(sound sensitive). I look out the front window and see a police car driving in front of the school with its lights off. I Yell to everyone to get the hell out. By that time, half of the Police department was outside waiting for us. One person got away(one of the lookouts, he spend the night hiding under the bleachers on the baseball feild. The rest of us all got charged with buglery of a building, and were suspended for the rest of the year(we got to come back and take our finals, and graduate). The charges were eventually dropped, but we did have that pesky felony arrest on our record.

Our senior class trip was a weekend camping on Bailey Island in Maine. It was actually pretty cool. We had a small senior class (about 30 students) and it worked really well. The trip was chaperoned by two teachers and a schoolbus driver. One of the teachers brought the booze.

Anyway, on the trip, we collectively stole a lobster trap and a buoy, then brought them back to camp and hid them in the schoolbus for the rest of the weekend and the whole trip back to Vermont.

We then had to distract the chaperones while we off loaded them.

The next day they showed up smack in the middle of the school’s duckpond, with “Class of 1992” very neatly stenciled onto the buoy. Last time I drove by (years ago) it was still there.

In our HS main courtyard, we had quite a few plastic lunch tables with attached benches, perhaps a few dozen. There was also an flat-roofed awning that covered the main walkway on one side of the courtyard. To this day, I still don’t know how my classmates did it, but they managed to pile the lunch tables on top of the awning. I believe they made a 10-table pyramid and scattered the reamining tables across the awning roof. The school had to rent a crane to get the tables down again.

My school’s most famous one took place before I went there. They stole every garden gnome (hey, it was the 70s -they were popular) within a certain radius of the school (a mile or two). Each was tagged, stored in the auditorium, and later returned to its owner.

Another famous garden gnome prank (I think it’s been copied a few times) involves stealing a small one just before you go on an extensive overseas trip. The owner then gets postcards, and photos of the gnome in Hawaii, Switzerland, Thailand, etc. Eventually, the gnome reappears in the yard.

Some university students once shared an apartment directly above the apartment of an old lady who had a window box containing plants and a small ceramic frog. One day, they noticed that a local shop was selling the frogs in various sizes. They realised that the old lady had bought the smallest size (you’re probably getting ahead of me here…), and as they were inexpensive, the students bought one of each size, and every week or so would replace the frog with the next larger size. Eventually, they reversed the process, and the frog shrank back to normal. Dunno what the old lady ever thought about it.