Best prank you pulled at high school

What was the best prank you pulled at high school?

Mine wasme and my friends tapping into the school ‘walkie talkie’ system and giving false reports of vandalism.

Holding a loonie ($1 Canadian Coin) over a bunsen (or bunson? I can never remember) burner right before class change, and then tossing it out in the hall as students pile out of the classrooms… ya I was a jerk! :wink:

This wasn’t so much a prank as an instance of giving someone his comeuppance. In early 1966, a tall guy in the junior English class I attended, whom I’ll call Gary Monica, had had a tendency to pop off to me about this or that throughout the junior year. (He wrote a short, obscene nmessage in my yearbook and was reprimanded.) At one point, when we were waiting for the teacher to come and unlock the room so we could go in, Gary was standing next to the brick outside wall near the classroom, and made some smart remark to me. I took a golf ball out of my pocket and threw it at the wall, missing him by less than two feet. (I had planned to hit the wall with the ball, not him.) Boy, was he scared! And did he ever feel foolish when I picked the ball up and showed him it was made of sponge rubber!
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :smiley:

Being the ultra-nerd that I was (and still am), my crowing acheivement (with a little legwork from one of my friends) was to hack into the High School’s homepage, and replace it with some pretty darned funny content. Our school mascot was a cougar (how original - and the school colors were Burgundy and Gold, the first graduating class must have been real free thinkers), who was featured prominently on the home page. We stuck a blunt in his mouth, which was pretty funny to look at. And we changed the link for “Recreational Activities” to go to, among other things. Lots of people got a good laugh out of it. Sure it was immature, but it was incredibly funny.

And speaking of immature, I also got my hands on one of the walkie talkies and started shouting random things into it once. My favorite was “Code Blue! Code Blue! Sector 12!”. There were school bouncers running around frantically for about 20 minutes afterwards. Luckily I managed to not laugh out loud until they had passed.

The only one I was involved in personally was at our graduation ceremony. When all teh students were milling around beforehand, someone passed around several bags of regular cat’s eye marbles. When it was time for us to go and receive our diploma, we all palmed our marble, and put it in the hand of the principal as we shook his hand. I was fairly high in the rankings, thus got my diploma early in the evening, and he just chuckled good-naturedly when I got to him.

We had 700 people in our class. I don’t know how many marbles he had, but you could see his pockets bulging by the end of the ceremony.

LOL…that’s funny.I wish we had done stuff like that when I was in HS.Worst thing I ever did was dress like a penis for Halloween one year.
:)I found an old basketball and cut it open and painted it sort of fleshy pink with spray-paint.I wore that on my head and a long pink garbage bag around my body(holes for arms,of course)and around my knees on the inside of the garbage bag(frontside only)I had tape a couple of balloons so the bottom poofed out.I had also glued the remnants of a brown wig to the poofed-out part to simulate well…hair.I was sent to ISS(in school suspension)for the day,right after my first period teacher sent me to the principal’s office.:smiley:


I’ve recently done the same thing with the walkie talkies (my own, found the frequency and code) at College, and running around college pretending to be ‘delta force’ of some elite crime-fighting unit, confusing the hell out of the caretakers. Excellent.

Back at school, a regular, ongoing prank was to staple anything availiable to the tables, like books, papers and clothes.

The worst one back at school though, had to be when we replaced the master copies of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Roots’ with the finest, late-night, top-notch pornography channel 5 has to offer. Our English teacher unwillingly gave back the filfth to the head of department, after which, it mysteriously disapeered, not before shocking and entertaining his class.

well, I wish I could remember exactly what it was I did.

It started out as a prank in Chemistry class, I was just trying to make a foul smell out of stuff we had. Add a Bunsen burner to the mix, and a denim jacket that was soon to go up in flames, and suddenly, I had the entire East wing of the second story filled with smoke. And the most intensely foul stench. Had to evacuate the school.

Sure, I got suspended. But, I still don’t know exactly what I did. Except lose a nice denim jacket. No one was injured. Many were quite concerned, though. (This story dates from 1979, btw)

Man. All we did was duct-tape freshmen to the benches on the senior lawn. We were boring!

Ok, I didn’t do this, but I’ll share it anyway. My high school had a student parking lot on one side of the school and a faculty lot on the other. Students were forbidden from parking in the faculty lot, dispite the fact that it was about three times as large as the student lot. After much administation/student body bickering, it was decided that students could be towed from the faculty lot, and that a faculty memo would be circulated, reminding faculty to not park in the student lot. I should also mention that the high school I went to was fairly affluent, so the majority of 16 year olds were handed keys to new cars. This made the parking situation even tighter in the student lot.

Well, apparently the principal felt this memo didn’t apply to her, because she kept on parking in the student lot. Her office was closer to the student lot, so she just parked her car there. Some kid called a garage, told them that his car had broken down, and could they come tow it away? He, of course, gave them the discription of the principal’s car and licence plate number and even waited with the car.

My best friend, though, was even more sadistic. She had some MAJOR problems with said principal, not because she was bad, but because she got a LOT of flack for getting her tongue pierced back when it wasn’t en vogue. Anyhoo, on graduation day, at a time when we were reasonably sure the principal would be in her office, my friend arranged to have a friend who went to a different school pose as a floral delivery person, and deliver a box that one would normally find roses in. Instead, contained within was a cow’s tongue, pierced. Apparently, you can get these things from a butcher.

I was told of a plan to super glue all the locks at my high school. I just happened to drive by the school on the Saturday night when the locks were super glued. School did not reopen till Wednesday after most of the locks were replaced.

We put some persnickety underclassman’s MG Midget in the school hallway. The faculty and maintenance staff were absolutely baffled as to how this was accomplished. They were convinced that we had taken it apart and reassembled it inside, because it would not fit through any door. Actually, we had just removed a middle beam between two side doors right next to the parking lot and just picked up the car and carried it in.

I was not a part of this, but it had the whole town in an uproar.

My school has a public channel in which we usually just broadcast Powerpoint slides that tell the community what’s going on with the school.

Well, a few years ago, 3 seniors thought it would be a great idea to broadcast porn, so they did. So, for abour 25 minutes one May, hardcore porn was broadcast to my county. I happened to be flipping through when it was on. I just went, “What the…” and moved on…

If I’m not mistaken, they got in some trouble for violating federal broadcasting rules, but I’m really not sure how they were punished.

Alas, I have no good school pranks that I participated in.

well i went to a small town high school. probably the worst prank i was involved in would include toilet papering something. me and my friends t.p.'d another girl’s house while she was having a party (we weren’t invited and were just a smidge upset about that one!) so we t.p.'d her house and all of the cars that were there as well as forked her yard and stuck maxi pads to all the car’s windows.

I have a few to share…

Best Group Prank - High school chem class. Throughout the year, our class had used the classroom’s overhead projector as a garbage can. Whenever we had gum wrappers or milk cartons or other junk to get rid of, we opened the little trap door on the projector (the one you open to change the bulb) and we stuffed our trash inside. The teacher never used the projector, so we managed to make it through the first semester without incident. I think it was early March when a substitute came in. He turned on the projector and <POOF!> it burst into flames.

Girls screamed, guys ran for the door. The substitute kept his head and picked the flaming projector up by its gooseneck and ran for the window. He hucked it out the window and into the snow, whereupon the projector exploded, spewing flaming plastic all over the place. Instant fire drill.

Best Junior High Prank - I ordered some “Eau de Fart” from a mail order catalog one of my friends had given me. It came in a tiny perfume bottle. The stuff was deadly. You could uncork the bottle, wave it under something for a minute or two, and the something would smell like ass for a few hours, just from being exposed to the fumes from this nasty stuff.

We spied on a jerk for several days, looking over his shoulder to try to ascertain his locker combination. When we secured that information, we waited for the right opportunity and broke into the jerk’s locker. We dumped the entire bottle all over his jacket, slammed the locker shut and ran to our next class.

10 minutes later, we had a fire drill. School officials thought a bathroom wasteline had backed up. They evacuated one wing of the school. Of course, since I was a dumbass junior high kid, I bragged about having pulled off the prank, and it wasn’t long before I found myself in the principal’s office. Surprisingly, the principal had a sense of humor about the whole thing and I was cut loose after a phone call home.

Best Prank that Went Awry - A friend of mine, who had been hassled by school authorities one day for driving his Monster Jeep to school with only a junior license, decided to get even. Pulling into the center of the parking lot just after the dismissal bell, said friend decided to do a four-wheel “bake job,” spinning all four off-road tires, making a racket and sending plumes of smoke into the air. About 10 seconds into this display, something went “clunk” and the truck came to a dead stop. I wanted to get closer to see what happened (I suspect he snapped a U-joint or something), but the truck was surrounded by security officers within about half a minute and I couldn’t see anything.

Best Prank Not Involving Dangerous Behavior - I had a 9th Grade Global Studies teacher who was a little overzealous in putting together a fund-raiser. Every year, he would make his students fast for a day, to raise awareness of world hunger. Students were supposed to get fellow students, teachers, parents and other folks in the community to “sponsor” them in their fast. That is, people would pledge a couple bucks to a student if they managed to fast for the whole day. Proceeds from the fundraiser were given to OXFAM and the event was known as the “OXFAM Fast.”

Being the obnoxious little right-wing peckerheads we were, my buddies and I instead decided to stage an event in the cafeteria. Known as the “OXFAM Feast,” this event involved us stuffing our faces with meatball subs, corn chips and ice cream sandwiches. We put a cup out with a little sign - “Donations, please.” We raised more money than all of our classmates put together and donated the entire thing to OXFAM. I don’t know what was funnier, the upperclassmen cheering us while we chowed down, or the whimpers from our fasting classmates as they looked on in envy.

First one, we went around and broke toothpicks off in all the locks to the school. We hoped the school would be closed the next day, because they couldnt get the doors open, but when we showed up the next day, they had all the doors taken apart and were fixing the locks.

Second one: A all out multi target assault. There were eight of us, all packed into my postal jeep. We were going to move the vice principles office into the girls bathroom. Move the coke machines into the principles office. Loosen the fittings on all the unrinals in the bathrooms so that when someone flushes, they get soaked, and the main objective: Rewire the PA system so we could do our own anouncements from one of the bathrooms(via a tape concealed in the cieling.

We had our assignments, lookouts on the roof with walkie talkies, and master keys to the school.

Well, we forgot to put batterys in the walkie talkies, we took way too long on the pa, we couldnt move the coke machines. And we set off a silent alarm…Aparently a really crappy one because we tried to set off the alarm when we toothpicked the place the week before, and the alarm didnt go off.

We came out the back door to guns pointed at us. My very first Felony Arrest. Mad the papers and everything.


If I’m not mistaken, this refers to sticking hundreds or thousands of plastic forks into someone’s front lawn, thus causing embarrassment and a lengthy cleanup process.

More of a junior high prank but an all time classic. The year was 1986, during the height of the hollywood ninja craze.

One summer evening two of my fellow ninja obsessed buddies and I put some ninja gear on. Fully clothed in ninja garb we escaped into the night to inflict terror in the hearts of the citizenry for the sake of mischief and good fun.

I was a green belt in Tae-Kwon-Doe and was able to put on a dazzling display of near acrobatic kicks and punches. My friend Jimmy owned a home made pair of nun chucks and as a diligent pupil of ninja movies he mastered the deadly technique of operating the deadly weapon with machine like efficiency. My other friend Rick didn’t possess the athletic prowess of Jimmy and I so instead carried a bottle of his older sister’s hairspray and a lighter. By spraying the hairspray into the lighter’s flame Rick created flames up to 3 feet in length; from a distance and in the darkness this took on the frightening appearance of a blowtorch.

Our target was a park where a bunch of low-income kids would hang out, smoke, and drink. Most of these kids were bigger and tougher than we were but with the power of ninja we felt unstoppable. After a brief stake out we descended on the park where our victims carried on oblivious to the impending danger. We got as close as 60 feet before one of the kids took notice of our growing presence and alerted his friends by muttering, “What the F*** is that?” in a hushed panic-stricken tone. Suddenly, we had an audience of 10-12 kids who stopped what they were doing to take in a sight no one thought could possibly take place in our Canadian suburb: 3 armed ninjas looking for a fight.

Once we had the attention of our captivated audience the show began. I leapt in the air and executed a perfect 10 swing kick while yelling the traditional Tae-Kwon-Doe cry of “Ki-yahhh!” Jimmy pulled out his nun-chucks and put on an artful performance reminiscent of the movie classic Revenge of the Ninja. Cue blowtorch. Before Rick could get a single spray of his sister’s Alberto V05 our audience decided they took in as much as they could handle and bolted like bats out of hell. We were equally stunned by their reaction as they scrambled to get the hell out. One kid was overheard crying as he ran for safety. Another kid exclaimed, “screw the bikes, lets get out of here. Run!” Suddenly, it was dead silent as the last of the kids made his quick escape, a silence that was broken by our hysterical laughter. Minutes later, we heard police sirens in the distance and decided that was our cue to high tail out of there. We snuck home to Jimmy’s basement, took off our ninja gear and continued to laugh hysterically well into the night as we re-accounted the night’s events. Ahhhh, the memories of teenage life.

Kool aid in the locker room shower heads, mostly dead crickets in a certain witch’s locker, dressing a fetal pig to look eerily like the hated home ec teacher and leaving it in the entry way trophy case for all to see.

I have no idea who loosened the screws on the principal’s desk chair, really. I also don’t know how all the chairs in one room became super glued to the floor. I disavow all knowledge of how a certain illegal plant was substituted for others in the ag department’s greenhouse. Whomever conceived of changing the school’s motto on the monthly school bulletin mailer to read something quite inappropriate was just plain rude. I’ve never even seen a tube of Ben Gay and resent the implication I did that to the football team right before an important home game. Especially since it didn’t turn out as planned. I’m just as amazed as you are that Neal’s car found it’s way from his driveway all the way across town and into the cafeteria one night.

But I think I might have a clue as to who loosened the curtains so they fell down during the Senior’s homecoming skit. Since it put an end to a particularily rancid medley of tunes from The Wiz, I won’t say who I think it was. Clearly a case of true lovers of the theatre creating justice where there was none.