Best senior pranks?

Being the goody-two-shoes that I am, I never actually did anything about it, but in high school I always had a fantasy senior prank: somehow turning the entire swimming pool into a big blob of clear Jell-O. When the swim team came in for practice at 6:00 am, they wouldn’t notice anything unusual about the pristine, calm surface of the pool, until someone dived in… EEEEEW!

So what are the best (real or imagined) senior pranks you’ve ever heard of? Bonus points if you came up with the idea yourself…

The class ahead of mine released one hundred white rats and a goat loose in the classrooms.

Not a prank, but a couple of guys from Colorado in my sister’s class used their mountain climbing stuff to climb our three story high school at night (this was in Houston in 1980, when the only people who climbed stuff lived in sight of mountains.) They were pretty lit, so when the police showed up and told them to come down they told the cops to come up and get them. I think the police gave up after an hour.

The principals’ offices were behind glass walls. We talked about caulking the doors shut after clogging the drain in a washroom and turning on the water on a Friday night, but we never did.

Back in 1967 or so, the dad of one of my brother’s friends ran a construction company. Another guy’s dad ran a junkyard. The first guy “borrowed” a cherry picker from his dad and the second guy got a bunch of used tires. The school district had to cut the flagpole down the next day to get the tires off.

Well, when I was a senior we took on Centerville Highschool (or at least we tried to).

One time my friends and I got up at the buttcrack of dawn and decided to pull a prank on Centerville HS. We had access to a toilet (my friend had thrown it away) and it had been a rainy night. In any event, we took the toilet to CHS and put it in front of the enterance. We filled it with mudd and put a Chantilly (my school) football jersey on the toilet.

We got many laughs.

My senior class did a few big things.

  1. Bought as many crickets as possible from pet stores - let them all loose one day. I remember the janitor coming by with a vacuum sucking them up live.

  2. Stole farm animals and brought them to school, letting them loose.

  3. Bought about 5,000 superballs and everyone threw them at a pep rally.

  4. Blew up a huge Ronald McDonald doll on top of the school.

Lovely, huh?

I don’t know if it was a senior prank, but I went to one of those warm-climate schools where all the classrooms open to the outside. Someone came by early in the morning and used a syringe or something to put epoxy in ALL the locks. It was an expensive and nasty prank-- beyond bounds of good taste in that underfunded district-- and by the time all the kids had gotten to school the staff was just figuring out what the problem was-- everyone kind of milled around in courtyards until we were all sent home.

At my daughter’s highschool the seniors two years ago managed to reset the password for all the school computers (including teachers’ e-mail) to “seniors rule”.

Last year they did the cricket thing. There are still crickets chirping in the school seven months later.

Interesting sidelight: Kids were punished (banned from graduation, fines) for the crickets but not for the reprogramming. Go figure.


Would someone drown / suffocate if they dove into a pool of Jell-O. I cant imagine that that stuff is easy to swim in. once your under, how do you get back to the surface to breath?

I would think that the jello thing wouldn’t work unless you turned the heat down a LOT so it could chill and solidify.

I am fairly sure the jello thing isn’t possible either. Probably an urban legend.

I am skeptical of this one too:

Back in 1967 or so, the dad of one of my brother’s friends ran a construction company. Another guy’s dad ran a junkyard. The first guy “borrowed” a cherry picker from his dad and the second guy got a bunch of used tires. The school district had to cut the flagpole down the next day to get the tires off.


Why didn’t they just cut up the tires?


One building at my school was 3 stories tall with a clock tower on top. Some of the seniors who were in to climbing managed to climb down the outside of the clock and attach a batman symbol to the illuminated clock face. I’m not sure whether it was left up because the administration couldn’t get it down or because they were playing along (non-destructive senior pranks were usually tolerated) but the clock looked like the bat-signal for quite a while.

haj, I would say I believe they would remove the pole before the tires. You ever try to cut a tire in half?[sub]without some serious specialized cutting equipment[/sub]

Next time you have a half a day or so to spare try it and let us know how fun it was:) Then do it as many times as there were allegedly tires. Don’t forget those pesky steel belts in the tread!

OTOH, cutting a ~4-6" pipe is a piece of cake and I BET there was a way to remove the pole in such a way that it could be reattached. Much quicker and easier.

My uncle (he’s a freak!) went to an old high school that had a basement - no elevators. Well, he had a horse that was literally on the verge of death…and uh…well…managed to lead it down into the basement of this school to put it out of its misery. The school admininstration had to have it butchered down there to get it out!

My senior year in HS (which was 1970), a few of the seniors went through with a prank that we’d talked about for a while: they went out to the old drive-in theater, somehow scaled the screen and painted 1970 on the screen. It was done late at night, though, and using flashlights; plus they were in a precarious position. Anyway, instead of looking like 1970, it looked more like OP70. LOL It remained on the old drive-in screen for a -long- time, so I’m told!

A hack saw cuts through steel belted radials like butter. And reattaching a severed flagpole so it won’t blow down in the wind is no easy (or cheap) task. Much cheaper and faster to just cut the tires.

A few years before I came to my high school, the seniors filled up the main staircase and the commons area (a BIG open area) with dixie cups, and filled them all with water.

Wow, guys! I said mine was a fantasy; the drowning angle had crossed my mind, too, as had the feasibility angle. Aside from the scientific problem of needing to get the proper temperature contrast for the Jello to jell, it sure would be expensive to buy that much gelatin! That’s part of why it remained a fantasy only (that, and I’m a chicken-shit).

College related:

My college had mandatory chapel, which means that once a week the whole student body was gathered in the beautiful chapel for worship. There was an atmosphere of both reluctance to attend and extreme reverence, so it was the usual setting for pranks. Here are some that were tried:

  1. Set up a series of alarm clocks around the room, set to go off during the sermon at five-minute intervals.
  2. Set up a tennis-ball server in the baptistry, pointing toward the students.
  3. ‘Borrow’ a thousand knives from the school cafeteria. Slide one into the spine of every hymnal. When the leader says ‘All open to number 234,’ a large number of knives fall simultaneously to the wood floor. Bonus: since not every hymnal is in use, knives will be falling out individually for weeks or months after.
  4. Borrow the school mascot, an enormous plastic buffalo. Suspend it from the chandeliers.

Actually, my favorite was at graduation. This one would work just fine at a high school ceremony. Maybe better, because there’s more people and they’re better organized. Each graduate is given one marble, which is palmed. As each of us shook hands with the college president, we subtly turned our hands so he was left with the marble, which he now has to find something to do with, because here comes a student with another marble.

A few of us had a friend of ours called “Pete”, in high school who drove a Jeep (IIRC, a Cherokee - one of the smaller ones). He habitually would leave his ignition key in the ignition, take the door lock key, and would lock up the doors - just “so I don’t lose the ignition key!”. :rolleyes:

Naturally, we thought this was the most retarded thing this side of the Mississippi.

Jokingly, one day we planned to pack his car full of those little styrofoam packing peanuts. We had no idea how the hell we were going to do it, but we figured it would be hilarious just to see the look on his face.

One fine spring day in early May of our senior year, I ended parking behind him on the street. I locked up my truck (F-150), and investigated the situation, only to find that his doors were locked but his tailgate was wide open. The devious bastard that I am, I immediately summoned the other powers that be, and plotted to use our two adjacent lunch periods to hit up two packing stores in town to acquire enough peanutry. Come lunchtime, Operation Stuff the Turkey was in full swing. Eighty eight minutes later, we marveled at a work of art that Picasso would be proud of.

If you ever want to see someone as pissed off as “Pete” was, someday take the time to comletely fill his or her car or truck with little peanuts. We were able to squeeze enough in there to leave only one foot of space between the ‘surface’ of the peanuts and the ceiling (crafty use of the power windows). He spent the next three hours cleaning up the mess and ended up getting a $200 ticket for littering in the street. We were even thorough enough to fill his glove box, his ashtrays, and his center console box.

I don’t think “Pete” ever did get it all cleaned up. Poor bastard.

I only wish we had pictures. :frowning:

Heh! We did the marble trick at our High School Graduation (some of us used bottle caps beause there weren’t enough marbles to go around). The Principal was ready for us though. He had a few little bags to put all of the stuff in. Apparantly that trick had been around for decades.


I don’t this counts, because it was way back in the day when I was in middle (jr. high) school:

A few people I knew and hung out with occasionally singlehandedly (well, it was them and them only) got yogurt banned at my middle school.

At another middle school in my town a group of the same type of kids (our school and that school mingled a lot) would rip out pages from certain various periodicals and glue them to the walls of a bathroom.

When I was a freshman in my high school I asked why Skittles were sold only in vending machines and only sometimes. One of the lunch ladies (we have/had nice lunch ladies at my high school usually) told me there was a giant Skittle food fight one year, and the principal personally removed every skittle from the school. Then I bought some M&Ms.

Now all those kids and I attend high school, where the three middle schools merge into an awesome 4,000 person student body. If anything super happens I’ll keep you guys posted.