The Greatest Pranks Ever

In history, or in your own life. A good one:

When I was about 8 years old I was playing atari with my uncle who was staying with us for a couple days. A classic trickster, my uncle was always looking for ways to get me. As we were playing “River Raid”, he sneezed. A long stringy snot immediately came out of his nose. I mean real long. From his nose, halfway down his chest. It just kind of hung there. I started screaming and threw down the joystick and ran away yelling “Gross! Gross!” as he chased me around, snot hanging off of him. He grabbed a kleenex, finally, and wiped his nose. He apologized and said “Give me a hug.” I was still a trusting individual at this point, so I did. At which point he sneezed again right on me another long stringy snot. More running and screaming.

Turns out it was a fake plastic thing he got at a joke shop in Boston. He laughed and laughed. Bastard. A year or so later he sent me a letter in the mail. My mom gave it to me and said “You got a letter!”. I opened it. The letter inside contained inside was thousands of little tiny invisible bugs that would crawl into my hair and lay eggs which would hatch and burrow into my head. The only way to cure myself would be to shave my head and paint it purple. Mom!!! Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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Well, I posted this once in a thread, but it’s worthy to be mentioned here.


Here’s one:

If you’re in a computer lab and somebody near you leaves, unplug their keyboard and plug in yours. Then, when they returns, start typing stuff like “Wake up, Neo” and “Hello, Clarice”. If you have time, you can plug their keyboard into your computer, in case they try to type stuff back to the computer. Hilarious, especially on the computer illiterate who usually don’t realize what’s going on until you tell them.

I think crop circles have to be in the top 10…

The Sasquatch film.

The Loch Ness Monster film.

Pierre Trudeau.

About ten years ago, my local high school had the best senior prank I’d ever heard of.

A couple of guys got three pigs from a nearby farm, labeled them “1”, “2”, and “4”, greased them up, and set them loose in the school. When the local authorities caught all three pigs, they shut the school down until they could find “Number Three.” :smiley: Classic.

Once I worked with a guy who had a need to have an office, like Les Nesmund. He brought a box that a matress had come in to the office and up it up as walls around his desk. Every day I came in to the office early and cut 1/2" off the bottom. After a couple of months the thing was lower than his desk, but he never figured out what happened.

Another time, a co-worker was going on a business trip to Germany, planned to leave for the airport at noon. The day before, I came in, removed his hard-disk for safe-keeping, and installed another hard-disk. The new hard-disk was rigged to come up and immediately start formatting itself. (This was in the MS-DOS days.) Sure enough, he comes in at 9:00am, turns the machine on and it begins formatting, counting up percent. He sees it doing this and freaks out, turns it off quick. Of course when he turns it back on it won’t boot. Now he’s freaking, he has an important plane to catch in a couple of hours and his important data looks toast. We let him simmer about an hour before putting the real hard disk back.

Once they were building some new cubes in the area I was working, so I grabbed one of the sections and put it away in the back of our lab thinking it might be handy some day. A month later a guy had a birthday, so we installed the extra wall in his cube doorway so that there was no way to get into the cube.

I got a hold of some UCLA stationary and knew a guy who graduated from there maybe 8 years before. I sent him a letter on the stationary saying that “in auditing our records recently, we discovered he was 2 credits short of graduating and that his diploma had been granted in error. Of course, we were sending notification to his employer as well.” Of course we told him the truth before he freaked too far.

Plenty more where those came from

Wow. That is going in my prank file.

I’m pretty sure UCLA alums would stay stationary when being threatened with bogus stationery.

Of course, I could be wrong, that’s just my opinion…

When my niece got married, her little brother (11 or 12 at the time) hid in the trunk of their car during the reception. A couple of miles after they took off early from the reception, with various family members chasing (a family tradition), my nephew pushed open the back seat and asked ‘Where are we going?’ Everybody was in on the joke and we were waiting for them when they came back.

I convinced a friend of mine once that a comet was about to hit the Earth and wipe out life as we knew it (there was a curiously foreshortened airplane contrail in the sky that looked like a comet). I broke down and told her it was a joke when she was about to go find this guy who liked her to help her lose her virginity before she died.

Bill H, damn, I’m glad I don’t work near you! More!

The last night of our freshman year in college, a whole bunch of us(males) went out, and believe it or not got a little drunk. I had found a purse and the only thing in it was nail polish. We brought it back to the dorms. Sat around and drank some more. Finally about 3AM a few had passed out. We took the shoes and socks off this one guy, and proceeded to paint each and every toe that pretty red color of polish. We put his shoes and socks back on. he woke up about 7, just in time for his 7:30 bus going home. he jumped on the bus not knowing we had done that.

I can only imagine his surprise when he took his socks off and saw it, or when he had to ask his sister for polish remover. We never saw him agan…

One of the funniest ones I heard about as a member of DNRC. This office guy, I forget him name but call him Ted. Ted had a co-worked who was doing that SETI@home thing. When Ted’s friend left for some reason Ted ran over to his computer called up SETI@home took a screen shot and went back to his computer where he doctored it up so it said something along the lines of “you’ve found an alien signal, authorities are being contacted” and the like. Then put that new pic back on the co-worker’s screen. Naturally he freaked out thinking his computer had found proof of the existence of E.T. elol Easy and mean. I chuckled about this for days.

This gave me many very very good ideas… Problem is, you can’t get most of those ingredients here in Taiwan… :frowning: Most of them are good just for the laugh they gave me, though.


There was one GREAT senior prank at my high school…

Some of the school buildings (and the offices) are atop a large hill on one end of the campus. Well, a bunch of seniors went to a nearby field one night, loaded a cow into a truck, and drove Ol’ Bessie up to the top of the hill. Apparently, cows don’t like going down hills… so they had this cow running amok near the offices and outside some of the classrooms… and they couldn’t get the damn thing to come to the lower campus areas.

Some other pranks…

My friend, Scott, is a bit of a prankster. At my college, they were once showing Frankenstein in the Theatre building. There’s one scene where an actress opens a bunch of nearby closets, expecting to find the Monster behind them (it built the suspense). These closets were just little roll-out set props, with a big piece of black cloth in the back. Anyway, during one of the shows, Scott snuck into one of the closets… and when the actress opened it, she saw him, standing there with his pants down around his ankles, and munching on a big piece of bread. She completely lost character on stage.

But his greatest prank of all time was during Carnival. There was a big, flashy sign that is brought in on a pulley system. Well, Scott thought it would be cool to attach this big Cartman doll he has to that pole… in the middle of the show. The only way he could reach it was by going all the way up to the catwalks above the theatre, and then he hung, upside down, by his legs to tie Cartman to the line. Keep in mind that this was in the middle of the show, and if he fell, he would have plummeted to a rather spectacular, if tragic, death.

But that’s not the end of it. After securing Cartman to the line, Scott was confident that the audience wouldn’t be able to see it… it was too high on the line (or so he thought). Unfortunately, the fly operator brought the sign in a couple feet too low… which meant that Cartman was completely visible to the audience for the entire number.

Somehow, Scott managed to get away with it, because, for some reason, the director didn’t notice. It’s regarded as the greatest prank in the history of Pierce Theatre.

Back when I was living in my fraternity house we played a joke on a guy who had a cat. A couple of us distracted him and got him to leave the room for a few minutes. In the meantime another guy snuck into his room and took a crap in his cat’s litter box. He was amazed at what had apparently come out of his little cat. He was really worried about the cat’s health and almost took the thing to see the vet.

Every year at the beginning of August is Abbott’s Magic Get-Together in Colon, MI. Abbott Magic Company is this tinly little building, all black, that has skeletons on the front. About 7 or 8 years ago a group of magicians (we still don’t know WHO exactly) were at this convention and in the middle of the night, they taped an extra “bone” (if you know what I mean) on each of the skeletons. What was really funny about this was that the staff at Abbotts didn’t notice the “change” on their artwork until the next AFTERNOON. Some friends of mine have pictures of it (with people looking and pointing even!)

My roomate in the Army-- we lived in the new style (nice) barracks for single soldiers with individual rooms apartment style. We both even had phones, and my new Sony computer had a voice synthesizer function as part of the “communications center”, anything typed would be spoken aloud in various computer “HAL” type voices. After messing around with various pitched voices and speeds, it occured to me that authentic sounding pranks could be had with this setup and a phone.

Given how many companies now use automated services or tech support and such, I thought I would have a little fun with my roomate. He was waiting for his promotion, so I thought maybe it would be a good idea if it came a little early.

I fed the output of the computer speaker into the phone and used the following script, and called him up one saturday morning: (phone rings, he answers “hello?”

(computer voice)

“Welcome! to the United States Army Automated Personnel Information System. Important Career Information follows for… (authentic sounding pause follows, as if the computer is searching in database) (full name of poor sob)… If you wish to listen, please press 1 now”… (I immediately hear a beeeeep, hee)… “For security purposes please enter your nine-digit Social Security number…” (he enters his as well… hee) I yanked him around with various computerese stuff for a few minutes and eventually:

“Our records indicate you are a sorry piece of shit. No further information available at this time… Thank You.” I heard a long pause, and then a “you fucking bastard…” and he hung up…

I was laughing so hard I started crying… He failed to see the humor and didn’t speak with me for some time. Great roomie, though.

My uncle was quite the prankster.

One. When he first got married, he and my Aunt didn’t have any money. They had been using old worn china. This is when everyone had china. He had been married for about 5 years and doing significantly better, moneywise. All his wife had wanted for her birthday was a fine new china set. She had been hinting with all the subtlety of a ringing telephone. He spread it around that she was going to get her china set.

The big day came, and they had some friends over to celebrate. My uncle went upstairs to get her present, and started to come downstairs with a large heavy box. He tripped, and the box came tumbling down the stairs. Accompanied by the crashing sound of shattering plates and the audible scream of my aunt. She opened the box to see if anything was still intact and found her old china. The new set was already in the china cabinet.

Two. This one I have done myself a few times. My aunt was having a bridge party while my uncle was doing some fix-up work to the outside of the house. He had brought the garden hose in through the bathroom window and placed it in the sink. He then went out and turned it on to a trickle and went back into the bathroom. All this time, the bridge club was playing in the dining room, which adjoined the bathroom. When he went in to use the bathroom, he lifted up the hose so that the trickle of water fell from about 5 feet into the toilet. This lasted for about 5 minutes to missed plays, bad bids and aghast looks from the bridge players. Eventually, they heard him laughing in the bathroom.

Don’t eat the chili there.

I’ve posted this before, but it’s been about a year, so what the heck, one more time:
My all-time best, from when I lived in the dorms in college:

One year, in February, a friend of mine named Clint decided that he’d throw a surprise birthday party for Kevin, a mutual friend, in April. He started drawing up elaborate plans, creating maps of where people should park so as not to alert him, getting Kevin’s girlfriend to pretend to be going out of town, and so forth. He was so proud of himself…thought he was Mister Sneaky. So, I decided to take him down a peg.

Clint was a very anal-retentive person. He was a total neat freak. Example: he had drinking glasses with the school logo on them. If you turned a glass so that the logo was no longer facing directly forward, he’d just HAVE to turn it back. So, my friend Stefanie and I figured we’d hit him where it hurts.

Working with Kevin, but not letting him know about his surprise party, we worked out a plan. We played Kevin and Clint perfectly: each knew of the surprise the other was getting. hehehe…

The day for the party arrived. I drove Kevin to the restaurant for his surprise party. Just after we left, Stefanie, who worked in the dorm office, gave Clint’s spare key to my crew, a band of about 8 people.

They proceeded to reverse Clint’s entire room, right to left, making it a mirror image of what it once was. His bed, television, refrigerator, phone, books, drawers, and even the posters on his walls all moved from one side of the room to the other. The only thing they didn’t have time for was the towel bars, which would have required unbolting from the wall. In less than an hour, they flipped his whole world, left to right.

Meanwhile, Kevin, myself, and the unsuspecting Clint were having a ball at Gardski’s. The party lasted a little less than two hours. Then, we headed back to the dorm.

Kevin came up to my room, two doors down from Clint’s room, so that he could see what happened. We watched Clint unlock his door and enter his room.

There was a pause. Then we heard his keys hit the floor. Then we heard, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!”

Kevin and I stumbled into the room, falling over ourselves laughing. Clint stood, wide-eyed, in the middle of his room, looking around in amazement, hollering, “WHO DID THIS?!” I managed to say, “Clint…” when he pointed at me: “YOU!!!”

It took two days before he figured out how I’d done it. I’d been with him, after all; I wouldn’t have had time to do it personally.

He tried to put his room back in order that night, but there was just too much. So, he resigned himself to living with it until school was out in May. For the rest of the semester, whenever he opened a drawer, he’d go, “Dammit!” and walk to the other side of the room.

Ah, that was a great gag…

A brief set up: Freshman year. In the dorms. The dorm rooms were set up so that every two rooms were connected by a bathroom. Each room also had a door to the exterior hallway.

My roommate and I didn’t have any suitemates, but due to stupid college beauracracy we weren’t permitted to use the empty room even though it was just sitting there empty. So we often used it for…uh…other purposes.

Also, it’s important to note that guys were not allowed in our rooms after a certain hour. We had already gotten a warning and a fine the week before when we had been having a little bit too much fun, so we were on edge about it already.

One evening my roomie and her guy moved into the empty room next door to fool around while I stayed to study in our room. I got bored and decided to have a little fun.

I went out the exterior door and down the hallway to the empty room’s door. BANG! BANG! BANG! on the door. (This was the Dorm-nazis’ usual style.) Then I hoofed it back down the hall to our room, threw myself on the bed and picked up my book just in time to see Kevin run in through the bathroom, pulling up his tighty-whities, completely panicked. I looked at him, completely innocent, while wild-eyed, he whispered, "The RA’s at the door! The RA’s at the door! AND JENNIE’S HANDCUFFED TO THE BED, NAKED!

I completely lost it at that point. I had no idea my prank would go off so well. What I found even funnier is that Kevin had just LEFT her there, in such a vulnerable position.

I had to do a little schmoozing to make up for that one. :smiley:

The Reason:

It was the festival season in India and I was in college. Living in a dorm. One of my friends comes into the room (the room was unlocked) while I was sleeping, lit a great big firecracker under my bed and the inevitable happens. I get lifted off three feet in the air.

The Revenge Set up:

He goes to take a crap. I place a firecracker on top of the toilet door and run away. Booom! and my friend get shaken up nice and proper.

The Denouement:

He is still taking the crap albeit very gingerly. I run up to the toilet and run away very fast. Didn’t do nothing. Now, my pal inside thinks I have put another firecracker on top of the door and he has his ears plugged and is waiting. A couple of minutes later he yells “Something is wrong with that damned thing. Will someone light it properly?”