The Greatest Pranks Ever

The first of these was nothing to do with me; as for the others, well, innocence is often over-rated…

One of my college mates went away for the weekend, leaving his room keys with a friend. His parents brought him back to campus on Sunday night. When he opened the door to his room, his mother was knocked flying by the first of two sheep, which had spent the weekend safely grazing on the turf (delivered by the local garden centre) which covered the floor from wall to wall. I understand that the smell lingered for some time (and yes, the sheep were fine, once they had been returned to the agricultural unit).

Variations of this theme were replayed over the next two years. When Sim went away to a football match on Saturday, we carried back an old abandoned bath from the nearby village and substituted it for his bed, arranging his duvet and pillows neatly inside. As the rooms were so small, he had to sleep in the bath that night. The final version appeared on the last morning of term, when a complete room, with bed, wardrobe, bookcase and even sink, was dismantled and recreated in the courtyard. This was a work of art, complete with posters suspended from fine wire, and assorted student crud littering the floor.

Finally, a tale of the biter bit. Scene: my first job, in a hospital as a finance trainee. I pick up a call from an irate woman:

IW: I haven’t had the results of my test yet, and it’s been three weeks.
CE: I’m sorry, you must have been tranferred to the wrong section. This is the internal audit team. May I put you through to the right section.
IW: You’re just trying to keep it from me. I know that you think I’ve been sleeping around. I come in here for a smear test, and now no one wants to tell me what’s wrong. I’ve not slept all weekend, and now you won’t give me an answer.
CE: I think you have been put through to the wrong extension. You must be looking for Cytology. Bear with me one moment, and I’ll transfer you.
IW: (Getting progressively more irritated). I’ve been fobbed off enough here. You ARE the right section. It’s because of my internals I came here, and now you don’t want to talk to me…

After what seemed like an age, but can only have been 3 or 4 minutes, the irate woman’s voice drops an octave, and I realise that not only is everyone in the room laughing at me, but that the voice on the phone is my mate Rod. Rod, I still owe you…

A bunch of my friends went to the same university and were in the Tappa Epsilon Kappa frat (TEEKs). They started the Buffalo Club. Members of the Buffalo Club must drink with their left hand. Let’s use Paul as a for instance. If he’s caught drinking with his right hand, they yell “Buffalo!” He has to kill his drink as they sing:


last line is repeated until he finishes his drink.

This of course leads to numerous opportunities for pranks, such as buying the victim a 24 oz can of Foster’s and handing it to them right handed. There’s also asking the victim to hold your drink while you go to the restroom. The best prank ever though took place at a wedding.

Skip and Katie got married, and at the reception, everybody who were best friends got to make speeches. Joe got up there with the mike and said something like "Skip, we’ve been friends all our lives, and I wish you both the best blah blah blah…

“And Katie…BUFFALO!”

Yes, all the TEEKS there burst out into song as the blushing bride had to kill her drink.

My mom loves adventurous activies-water-skiiing, roller coasters, go karts, etc. My dad does not. When I was six, we went to Acapulco for vacation. My mom signed up instantly when she saw the parasailing company by the beach.
After her ride, she tried to convince my dad to do it. Despite her cajoling, he refused. Fine, she said at last, at least get in the harness, I’ll get some pictures of you and we’ll tell everyone that you did it."
Dad agrees to this. Unbeknownst to him, my mom has paid the operator for another ride. Dad gets in the harness and happily strikes a tough, manly pose for the photo.
Then the boat took off.
My brother insists he heard my dad scream “Shiiiiitiittt!” all through his ride.

Well, I am not a great prankster. The best I ever did was when a friend was sleeping on the couch in the lounge. My other friends and I the carefully carried the couch outside so that when she woke up, she was outside, and confused, etc. Not terribly orginal.

However, I saw an add for a movie (can’t remember which movie, and I only saw it once). There are a bunch of guys. It is snowy and icy outside. One guy is sleeping. The other guys carefully take their sleeping friend and place him in the driver side of a vehicle. Three other friends get in the passenger seats. Remaining friends push the car on the icy ground so that it is sliding in circles on the ice. The friends in the passenger seats start screaming, waking up the friend in the driver seat. Natrurally he thinks that he fell asleep while driving and now they are all sliding on icy ground to imminent death. :smiley: I thought that it was funny as hell, unfortunately, I am not mean enough to actually do something like that.

The best prank that I have ever done was for this past bosses day. Myself and two coworkers came in late to work after everyone else had left and giftwrapped our supervisors cube. That wasn’t enough though. WE wrapped his supervisors cube also. These cubes are pretty good size 6x8x6 and made a fairly impressive present. The three of us came in early the nex morning and the looks on their faces were priceless. They both laughed about it for weeks.

Ok I go to a computer class that is boring me, Behind me are two computers so I decide to have fun with them. I waithed for the users to leave for the day then switched keyboards so system a was plugged into system b and vice versa, I came to class a half hour late the next day because I knew if I saw the outcome I couldn’t keep quiet and they had just about figured out the problem, from what I heard it was great

A prank for all you crazy students in dorms. It’s your target’s birthday and they live on the top floor.

Take target out that night. Get very drunk. Meanwhile accomplices swap target’s entire room with an identical room on the ground floor.

Help target home in inebriated state. Put to bed in their now relocated room. Let them sleep it off.

Storm the room the next morning with accomplices. Pick target up and throw them out the window. (They may try to resist at this point, use force if needed.)

Gets a laugh every time. You might want to put a mattress out there as well, just in case.

The year after I left my private high school, they pulled what was probably the best senior prank I’ve heard about:

Everyday, the whole school met in the auditorium and faced a huge stage. Well, one day, only one of the seniors was in the meeting, which everyone thought was kind of strange until that one stands up and says “The senior class would just like to say…”
The lights go down, stage strobe lights come on, the curtain opens, “Sabotage” (Beastie Boys) comes on, and BLAM!! Sixty high school seniors soaking everyone to the bone with hoses, super soakers, water balloons and the likes. If I had been in that class, there’s no way I would have stopped laughing for the rest of the day.

My dad did something similar to that.

My ex-husband, my brother and I were visiting my dad in Texas about 12 years ago. He was taking us to Galveston, so we were on a long stretch of highway that was practically empty. Ex and brother are sleeping in the backseat. Dad says “watch this.”

He slams on the brakes, screaming bloody murder as he did it. Brakes are screeching (nobody is behind us or in front of us at this point). Ex and brother wake up screaming and clutching the seats for dear life. Brother almost wets his pants.

Dad and I still chuckle about that.