Awesome pranks

What awesome pranks have been pulled on you or have you pulled on someone else? As for me…

A couple of years ago, my friends asked me to come out to a boatyard and see an extremely interesting vessel. I reluctantly agreed, as it was around midnight.

As we’re driving around, I ask my friends, “Aren’t we kinda trespassing? What happens if there’s a cop on patrol?” Sure enough, the lights go on behind us and my friend gets pulled over (I’m in the back seat). He asks the three of us for our ID’s, then spends about 15 minutes or so in his cruiser.

When he comes back, he gives us back our ID’s. “C— M—, here you go. D— C—, here’s yours.” A pause. “A— F—, it seems that a judge has put out a bench warrant for your arrest. Please step outside the car.”

This has got to be a mistake. I run through my mind the possible offenses I could’ve committed, regardless of how minor. I have no idea why I’m being arrested.

He makes me put my hands on the car, pats me down, then cuffs me. Before bringing me back to his cruiser, he says, “Um, your buddy here has something he needs to tell you.” I lean down to my friend C— and he grins and says, “Have you met J—?”

The cop turned out being a nighttime security guard; a friend of my friends’. I damn near had a heart attack, and I’m still planning the downfall of C—. :smiley:

So, got any good pranks?

On my last day of work I’m going to superglue all the mice to the desks.

Well, there was this one from college that I orchestrated…this’ll take some background explanation.

This involves two friends, Clint and Kevin. Clint was a neat freak. Extremely neat. Pathological. As in, if you turned a glass in his dorm room so that the label wasn’t facing forward, it would prey on his mind until he turned it back the “right” way. Stuff like that.

Kevin’s birthday was coming up, and Clint wanted to be Mister Prankmaster. So, he enlisted the help of Kevin’s girlfriend, who lied to Kevin and told him she’d have to be out of town on his birthday. This meant she’d have to “hide out” for a day or two so he’d really think she was gone. Then, on his birthday, we were going to take him to a restaurant, where about 20-30 people (including the “out-of-town” girlfriend) would be to surprise him, and party it up.

Clint thought he was being extremely sneaky with all his planning. I decided to take him down a peg. I enlisted the aid of some accomplices, including one who worked in the dorm office. We made our plans. Interestingly, Kevin helped with our plans, which meant that Kevin was pranking Clint while Clint was pranking Kevin, and I was in on both. Oh, what a tangled web and so forth.

Anyway, at the appointed day and time, Clint and I left with Kevin to head to the restaurant. Within minutes of our departure, my accomplices got a key to Clint’s dorm room from the office accomplice and headed upstairs to make some modifications.

So, the party winds down, and after about two hours, we head back to the dorm. We all lived on the sixth floor, so Kevin (who now felt a little bad about participating in the Clint prank, but also saw the incredible humor) came to my room, which was closer to Clint’s, to witness the aftermath.

Clint unlocked his door and went inside. There was a pause. Then, we heard keys hit the floor. Then, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

We stumbled into his room, laughing our asses off. The accomplices had done their job very well: in the space of under two hours, they had reversed his entire room. It was a perfect mirror image, flipped left to right, from what it had been. The special elevated bed he’d constructed on the right side was now on the left. Television, telephone, refrigerator, all were on opposite sides of the room. Posters and pictures were put in their exact position on the opposite wall. Everything in the closets, reversed. All the drawers. All the books on the shelves. It was perfect. The only thing they didn’t do was unbolt the towel bars by the sink.

The funniest part was, he knew it was me, but he didn’t know how I did it, since it happened so fast and I had been with him the whole time. He started trying to put stuff back that night, but there was just too much, so he tried to live with it. For the rest of the semester, though, every time he opened a drawer for something, he’d go, “DAMMIT!” and walk to the other side of the room.


Not very elaborate but we convinced a security guard at work that whenever he was carrying company money he had to wear this reflective construction worker’s vestthat we had for some unknown reason acquired.

He wore that thing every day for about three months before someone spilled the beans. :smiley:

Waaaaay back in 1990, when a lot of my friends and I were indulging in LSD a fair bit, we had half-a-dozen folks over for a trip one night. A cannabis génoise was also prepared and scarfed down in prep - with the participants in the joke taking a half-strength batch.

We had put together a mix tape of trippy trippy stuff in advance, and as it played out, one by one everyone except for the “goat” made their excuses and left the room to prepare, one by one. The penultimate prankster encouraged the goat to sit tight for a bit (an easy sell with the génoise doing its thing) and shuffled off himself.

Then, timed with inserted circus music on the mix tape, everyone else paraded back into the room in elaborate clown costumes, masks and/or makeup, honking horns and and banging drums in a procession that took us over high furniture, past the befuddled goat, finally arrayed in a big circle, where we remained to solemnly listen to Firesign Theatre’s I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus, a first FST exposure for the goat.

Good times. (I wish I was the goat on that one.)

I put an entire bottle of Dawn into a large fountain at college (they turned it off at night). When they turned it on the next morning it was Attack Of The Sud Monster. Nearly 3 feet of bubbles all over the place, it was gorgeous. Didn’t harm anything and cleans itself up :slight_smile:

When my buddy went on vacation leaving his project truck (beater he bought to turn into a dump truck, he likes to work on cars) parked out front we went over one night and painted it hot pink (using washable poster paint and avoiding all porous surfaces. We also left a card entitling him to us either cleaning it off or paying for a cheap paint job at Earl Scheib). I’ve got a framed set of photos of a pleasant suburban house with an enormous hot pink duallie F350 flatbed parked out front.

You are evil, Larry. Please send me your newsletter.

Best prank I can think of pulled on yours truly was at an epic drinking night in my new apartment. I stuck a bottlecap to my forehead (something it’s far too easy to do) and said it would probably stay there fifteen minutes. My buddies made that a bet, then proceeded to distract me every so often and set the clock back on my Mac, which was the only timepiece immediately available.

Can’t think of any pranks I’ve pulled that equate to the works of magnificent bastardry above.

I heard yesterday a great story about this pilot who used to fly for a bunch of skydivers… one time he sneaked another pilot aboard ahead of time, and then when the plane later reached the drop-zone he ran screaming out of the cockpit, straight past the waiting jumpers, and leaped out of the plane (having left the other guy at the controls, but of course they didn’t know that…).

You may have heard of this one, but it’s still a good one:

You take a video camera into your bathroom and set it up pointing at the toilet. Just let it record for thirty minutes or so (while no one is using the bathroom). Then keep that recording near the television at all times. The next time you have a large gathering, and someone goes to use the bathroom, pop the tape in and gather everyone around. Tell them to just start laughing as hard and as loud as they can, loud enough for the person in the bathroom to hear. When the person comes out of the bathroom and heads back into the living room, have everyone still positioned around the TV with the footage playing, laughing. Make sure they continue laughing at the person when they come out.

It’s a good idea to record the person as they enter the living room so you can catch the expression on their face when they see what’s on the TV.

You might be able to pull that off at a busy DZ with a very large plane like a Casa 212. For most places, even with relatively big jump planes like a Twin Otter or a King Air, sneaking an extra pilot onboard would be like trying to hide an extra driver in a Le Car.

I’ve heard of a few good ones - pilot intentionally short-spotting a nude dive so they had to wrap themselves in their canopies like a toga party and stand by the side of the road trying to hitch a ride back to the airport. “Look before you leap” are words to live by when you’re going out the door of a plane…

That’s funny, because I had a plan to do that at Sea World, when they had a show (The Sparklet’s Water Fantasy) which was a pool with fountains going up and and sprinklers going down, with colored lightss shined on them, coordinated to music, in a darkened auditorium. (Think of it as fireworks made of water.) Only the Water fantasy wasn’t fountain sized–it was about the size of two swimming pools.

A friend who worked there make sure a backdoor to the attraction would be opened, and we did a test run in the middle of the night, getting into Sea World by swimming across the bay (in black wetsuits with black, water proof face camouflage), and got in fine. The next week, we went in with three half-filled gallon jugs of dish-washing soap, but a guard happened to spot us, and we had to abort. The next day I went to college, so we never tried it again.

OMG, that is hilarious.

Along the lines of max torque’s prank, we once stripped a girl’s half of her dorm room down to the bare walls while she was gone for the weekend. She came back to a bare mattress. We had her stuff crammed into three or four different rooms.

Back in my fraternity days, we had a guy who skipped out on a couple classes to go home for Thanksgiving early. While he was gone, we removed his door and frame, drywalled over it, and painted the wall. We even hung a picture over where the door was and put a piece of baseboard down. If you didn’t know what the house looked like, you would not have known there was a door there.

He had to break through the wall to get into his room.

Someone tried this on me. Didn’t work. Walked in to the laughing, saw what was on the TV, a toilet with the lid up, and asked “What’s the joke?” The would be prankster said “You, in the head” and continued laughing. My statement stopped
that. “When I finish, I put the lid down before I flush.” I don’t like pranks.
He left his own party. It was better after that.

I have a couple but I’ll start with this one to see if my humor translates.

I used to live in this apt complex where there were a bunch of us who liked to party together. There was a guy who was always telling corny jokes. Real cornball stuff - but he really thought he was funny. So he tells me this joke one day:

" A guy hires Jack and Jill to do some work for him. But only about half of what was supposed to be getting done was getting done. So he didn’t know whether to lay Jill or Jack off."

So I gather all of us together, tell the joke and get the groans. Now I explain my plan - when Goat gets home I will rave about his new joke but tell it wrong. Everyone should laugh at the wrong version - never at the right version. This is only funny because it worked SO well.

We are all at my apt, Goat pulls in the parking lot, I wave him up. After the ‘Hi, how are yous’, I start. I pump everyone up about the great joke I’ve been told. Anticipation is (apparently) high. I tell it:

" A guy hires Jack and Jill to do some work for him. But only about half of what was supposed to be getting done was getting done. So he didn’t know whether to fuck Jill or beat off."

Everyone laughs hysterically. Except of course Goat who is clearly perplexed. After the laughter died down he tries to improve the joke and tells it correctly. Total silence. Finally someone offers, " Yeah, that’s what he said - Fuck Jill or beat off". More deafening laughter. He was so mystified he just walked out.

He didn’t talk to us for about two weeks until someone let him in on it. Not sure he ever recovered.

Some of the young guys at work got on a Rick-rolling binge. Since we’re all IT or developers it’s especially effective since we’re all supposed to be Masters of the Machine.

And suddenly there’s Ol’ Rick blasting away in somebody’s cube driven by a hidden process & the volume control’s been deactivated by Group Policy. Master? Not. One guy had to resort to the wall plug to kill his.

I typically resort to printing up a bumper sticker and taping it to the back of their car. I find… I’M NOT WEARING ANY PANTS… works well.

Remember when the “I [heart icon] my whatever” bumper stickers where first a big hit?

I got a bunch of circular stickers with an iconic wood screw (sorta like

It was real easy to wander through a mall parking lot improving peoples’ messages. The dog breeds were always my favorites.

I remember years ago buying a set of those stickers from an ad in the back of National Lampoon magazine.

My grand prank of the year.

And thanks Max Torque. I believe you’ve given me inspiration for next year’s contribution.