Awesome pranks

Backstory-My mom and sister took my two cousins (aged 9 and 12) camping this summer. They had my brother-in-law’s camper and had all slept in it in various degrees of comfort for the first few nights, but they had also taken and set up a tent. I would go out and visit every couple of days, throwing football or frisbee with the boys, grilling out and unwinding.

BackBackstory-Before they had left, my brother-in-law had captured a black widow in a mason jar. Both cousins had seen it and were duly afraid.

So the older of the two boys, call him Jack, is pubescent and large for his age and therefor too cocky for his own good. Begging for comeuppance, in other words. So I bet him $5 that he wouldn’t sleep in the tent alone. I couldn’t make it that evening, but he sleeps in the tent, wins the bet. The next evening, I do visit with them, and cajole him into a double-or-nothing. He is reticent, but I impugn his manhood and he finally agrees. We all walk back to the campsite, cook out, play cards, then everyone heads off to bed. Except for Jack, who comes back from the tent absolutely stricken. It seems there was an upturned empty mason jar and attendant two piece lid inexplicably strewn about the tent.:smiley:

I give the, “Oh shit, I brought the spider out here to release it and totally forgot about it…Someone must have opened it and fled for fear of their mortal soul…” routine. I’d warned everyone else, so there is no general freakout, and they all play along. Result, Jack doesn’t sleep in the tent and feels terribly hoodwinked when they let him in on the prank the next morning.

I goaded him about his cowardice for a couple of weeks, then paid him the original $5, cause I really didn’t think he’d sleep alone in a tent, threat of venomous spider or no. And now all I have to do to take him down a notch is bring up that time he was terrified of an empty jar…

Many years ago my brother and his wife were expecting some money from her father’s retirement fund, it was about $800. Her father had passed away and some left over money was going to be given to his heirs. I borrowed the letter and made a photocopy with just the letterhead then return it without them know about it. According to the letter, a check would be sent in about 30 days. I waited a few days short of the 30 days then sent then a letter using my phony letterhead. The phony stated that there was a claim against her father and that the money was going to be forwarded to the claimant. The left over $2.30 would be sent asap. I stopped by a few days later and the letter I sent had arrived an hour earlier. My brother and his wife were devestated. They had made plans for the money now the money was gone. I was trying real hard not to laugh. I asked my brother to see the letter then told him to read the first letter in each line vertically.
They would have killed me if they caught me. The got their check the next day.

I’ve posted this one before, but the search function won’t cooperate, so…

Many, many years ago, the Danish Army tried to make a soldier out of me and another 120 or so unspanked cubs. As often happens in such situations, a healthy spirit of competition arose between the units, and 3rd platoon had had it coming for a while.

The company was housed in one building, one squad per room, but lots of people would sleep off base, this being late in our training and things were relaxed a bit. One fine evening, Pvt. Mikkelsen and myself realized that everybody in the 3rd platoon had gone out at the same time - a rare chance. Like most soldiers, we were issued webbing gear for carrying all the essential odds and ends - canteen, entrenching tool, ammo pouches, NBC gear etc. etc. - into the field. Said webbing gear was kept hanging over the bed ends, as per regulations.

So in keeping with the sound military maxim “Chance favors the brave”, Mikkelsen and I spent well over two hours adjusting the belt of every set of webbing in 3rd platoon in. By six to eight inches. The deed done, we then retired to our own rooms.

Morning comes, reveille sounds, room inspection is done, and the Sergeant Major yells “1st Company, in rifleman kit, in the courtyard, on the double, MUSTER!” (sounds better in Danish). As befits a well-trained unit, we grab rifles, don helmets and webbing with smooth, well-trained movements, then run into the courtyard.

1st platoon looks fine. 2nd platoon strikes its usual near-perfect military figure, except for two soldiers trying to conceal a grin. 3rd platoon - well, look like recruits on their first day, to put it kindly. Half the soldiers have their webbing belt flapping in the breeze and try to look as if that has been the plan all along. Some are still trying snap them closed, at times enlisting the help of two or three comrades-in-arms. A few have them closed and look to be in agony. Their officers have no clue what is happening, and they are not happy. It was glorious.

We would have gotten away with it, too, if we could’ve kept our mouths shut. As it happened, word got out and we were absent from morning inspection a few days later, mostly due to being tied up and placed under a cold shower. Still so worth it.:smiley:

I’ve told this story before, but it comes with cool pics!

Breakdown of the scenario:
2 overly mischievous roommates with too much time on their hands. (A)
1 roommate on vacation for a week. (B)
1/2 mile of tin foil purchased from BJ’s. ©
A+B+C= an entire room covered in tin foil.

The amount of practical jokes my roommates and I played on each other cannot be explained. From Paris Hilton cardboard cut-outs to an entire apartment filled with those little plastic spiders. But this one prank has had to take the record. Dave and I (I’m the one in the green shirt), spend an entire weekends covering everything in our roommate Tim’s room. I mean everything! From his furniture, to his TV, to his floor + ceiling, and even the ceiling fan. We took down his posters and such, to replace over the tin foil for contrast, and we did something else to his bed; but besides those even the doors and windows were not spared.

You can find the pictures here: Halfway through, 2, 3, 4, me, co-prankster.

You should know that we also replaced all the light bulbs in his room with 100 watt ones… essentially creating the largest Easy Bake Oven you’ve ever walked into.

Background: Another lifetime ago, I worked as a medical assistant in and OBGYN office for a pair of female OBGYNs. The one, Dr. D, was newer to the practice than her partner, and would therefore habitually get stuck with many new patients who spoke rather jilted English. It was standard that when a new patient arrived, she would always meet with Dr. D. in her office as a brief consult before going into the exam room. A large portion of these female patients were, for some reason, Middle Eastern, and would show up for their OB appointments, speaking little if any English, with their husband in tow who would stay for Every Single Aspect Of The Appointment. Dr. D. frequently felt irritation and frustration over these patients as a result of the combination of incomplete and difficult language communication, as well as the husband literally hanging over her shoulder as she attempted to treat her patient.

One year for Dr. D’s birthday, we decided to do something “special”. :smiley: We decided to fill Dr. D’s office with balloons and streamers, with a huge “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” sign that went the span of her back wall.

A co-worker had a burqa which completely and utterly covered the wearer from head to toe. After filling Dr. D’s office with balloons and streamers, I donned the burqa and sat demurely in Dr. D’s office while Dr. D–having been called to the hospital to deliver a baby and therefore, running a good couple hours behind schedule, rushed back to the office to see her “new patient”.

I heard the exchange outside of the office, in the hallway. “Your new patient is in your office,” I heard my partners in crime tell Dr. D. “She’s by herself, and um, doesn’t speak English, and we’re not sure how much she understands.”

Dr. D opens her office door, sees her “new patient” completely covered from head to toe in a burqa, ballons covering her office floor, streamers hanging from every available surface, a huge Happy Birthday sign on the wall, then, *closes the door and bursts into tears in the hallway. *

It was a good moment, I tell ya’. A good moment.

Yes, we immediately let her in on the prank…

A looong time when I was back at school (May 2003 I believe) we decided that seeing as it was out last day ever we would carry out some good pranks. It started off with parking our cars over the opening to get into the car park which meant the teachers couldnt get parked. Then once the police were called and we had to let them in we decided to cling film round their cars so they couldnt get in them at the end off the day. Then we covered the windscreens in squirty cream. After that we put syrup on all the chairs we could find. The best bit however, was stealing the school skeleton and taking it for a drive. We took it to the supermarket, the grave yard, the petrol station, the park, accident and emergency, the pub and some places out the road. We took pictures of everyplace it went and returned it to its home at the end of the night. I wonder if the teachers appreciated the postcards we sent??? Oh I lamost forgot about the maggots in the library and hiding the librarians globe (she was oddly attatched to that thing in a very unhealthy way!).

Ive pulled quite a lot of pranks over the years but the above was the once that really stuck out the most.

We had a Lt. at the firehouse that needed, a good pranking. The bunk room had a window air conditioner. We took 100 feet of oxygen tubing, a full but expired IV bag and went to work. Running the tubing (it’s clear) out of sight throughout the room and into, and then out of, the air conditioner, we then hooked the other end to the IV bag, and put the bag under his bunk and waited.

As soon as he laid down, the pressure filled the tubing and the contents of the IV bag sailed across the room into his ear. He shot bolt upright with a scream, wiped his ear, blamed his bunk mate, and laid down. Again. It only happened once more before he got wise. I’m not sure i’ve ever laughed as hard.