Aprilia Scarabeo 50 scooter

I was having new tires put on my Yamaha YZF-R1 when I decided to browse the shop. I want one of the 50th Anniversary Edition YZF-R1s. Not to ride. Just to set up on a turntable inside of a special room in my house, with dramatic lighting, and a couch nearby so I can look at it. It’s really pretty.

But then I looked at the scooters. There was an Aprilia Scarabeo 50 there. Bigger wheels than your typical Vespa-style scooter. Looked like a lot of fun. Only $2,999 out-the-door. I could see having one at the house for riding along the beach. (In summer the 20 mph speed limit is too slow for the R1.)

Anyone know about these scooters? Have any experience with them?

The shop I work at was an Aprilia dealer for a few years. I didn’t know that the 2-strokes were injected now. :cool:
The Scarabeo was my favorite of their scooters, very stable thanks to the large wheels. Lighter and faster than the other 50s, too. If I had a need for one I would have bought one myself. I saw several of them take lots of abuse and they held up real well. The carburetted version had a tiny little battery that didn’t last very long, I expect they have bigger batteries now that they’re fuel injected.

How fast do they go?

The ones we had topped out at about 43 mph. Those were the carburetted ones, the new direct injection model is supposed to have more power and get better mileage, too.

IIRC, this scooter is somewhat revolutionary, and may well change bike riding completely.



It uses a 2 stroke direct injection engine, traditionally 2-strokes are badly behaved on emissions, this is not, because the scourge of these engines is that the incoming fuel air mixture is only held in place by a back pressure wave from the exhaust, but this is only truly effective at certain engine speeds, and the rest of the time there is a lot of unburnt fuel going out the pipe.

Somehow the fuel is injected when the piston has closed the ports, I think there is a premix stage in a seperate chamber where fuel air is mixed to a certain degree, and this mixture is then sent into the combustion chamber.

I believe that there is a possiblity of scaling up the size of this engine dramtically, so that you could get effectively a 2 stroke 1000cc engine with much better fuel consumption and better emissions than a 4 stroke. They have shown a mock up of a 500cc scooter.

I think this engine is used in jet skis, or something like it.
This engine has been in development for a few years not, I can only guess that scaling up the engine size is not quite as straightforward as was first mooted.

I do rember the Bimota 2 stroke injection project that was a disaster and had much to do with that companys’ demise.