"Apropos" does not mean "appropriate"

Nope. It means “opportune” or “with regards to.” It is not a synonym for “appropriate.” Please stop using it that way. You know who you are. Thank you, and good night.

Did you get another fax back, phil? :wink:

I really don’t care what it means… I love how it looks on paper and sounds when said, so I’ve been known to spontaneously apropos add it in somewhere for no good reason.

I’m the same way with “yuppy”, “lozenge”, and “underpants”.

Well, I’d say that the way you summed that up in the OP was…



Is it a contraction, or is it possessive? Think before typing, and then use “its” or “it’s”, as apropos.


Well, I for one, am just sick and tired of my dogs shedding all over the place.
I can’t wait until the damn shedding season is done.
Christ in a sidecar…

Apropos of nothing, just now there suddenly appeared to me a yuppie sucking on a lozenge, wearing only underpants and riding in a sidecar.

Who shall I shoot first, Inor, Spoofe, or PLD?

Well, DDG, apropos of the opopo, I really don’t think you should be getting your yuppy ass underpants in such a bunch that you feel you need to bring up the topic of violence.
Take a lozenge or something, willya?

[perky voice]
Now, apropos to what I was saying earlier, I jsut hate it. I only have this one shopvac, and I have to clean the filter everytime I vacuum, at least bi-monthly…

:d&ring before pl and ddg both shoot his ass::

In the same vein, “durable” is a three-syllable word. It does not rhyme with “gerbil.”

Unfortunately, the person to whom this is directed and who abused my ears repeatedly yesterday by referring to a “derbil power of attorney” does not read this board.




And, lest we forget: Subliminable!

not that I smoke anymore, but this was like good hawaiian dope- a creeper, and it jsut hit about a minute ago…
nucular- Dude! it’s newk-ya-ler.
fuuuck man!
anybody see pl sitting at his desk, lookin like inspector cleuseau’s(sp) boss when he’s getting all twitchy, weeping, and wanting to absolutely blow up the good inspector?

Well, yes and no to the OP.

My French dictionary defines apropos as aptness.

Dictionary.com says apt is

  1. Exactly suitable; appropriate

Which can be mapped onto aptness.

Of course, dictionary.com defines apropos as


Homer: Nucular. It’s pronounced “new kew lar”.

I thought I was the only person that this was driving insane. I think this word is actually misused more often than it is used properly.

From: http://www.ultralingua.net/dictionary/index.php3?letters=apropos

  1. apropos By the way; “apropos, can you lend me some money for the weekend?”; Synonyms: incidentally

  2. apropos adj Of an appropriate or pertinent nature.

  3. malapropos adj Of an inappropriate or incorrectly applied nature.

Now, drop the pretentiousness and indignation and step away from the keyboard.

This OP proposed this proposition with an open, professional, opinion promising proof of English options. For that I give mad props

Sorry, Hastur, but no. Because the word “appropriate” is used in the definition does not make the words synonyms. A very simply exercise will demonstrate this:

  1. That attire is simply not appropriate for the office.
  2. That attire is simply not apropos for the office.

The first one is correct; the second is the kind of pseudo-grammatical silliness uttered by people who say, “Mom gave it to she and I.” They are not interchangeable in usage, and any decent editor will tell you that.

It doesn’t take a nucular scientist to pronounce “foilage”.

Well, as long as we’re getting all nitpicky…

Try whom. :wink:

My college professer used the word “orientate” several times yesterday. Gah.

Oooh, I hate that one. It’s like “irregardless.” <cringe>