AR-180 magazines

Does anyone know a good (read: inexpensive) source for some 20 rd. AR-180 magazines?

Is it the AR-180B? If so, you can use AR-15 magazines.

No, it’s an original one. The single 40-rd. mag that came with it is just too funny-looking. I have some 30-rd. mags I can modify, but I prefer 20-rd. mags and I only have enough of those for my AR-15s and would prefer not to modify them.

The only place I can find is selling them for $75 a pop. Hardly cheap. If you are still interested, go here.

Good luck on your search! :smiley:


Hm. Maybe I should just look for a 20-rd. (or three) AR-15 mag and cut the slot in it.