AR15 folks, I need an opinion

How are American Spirit Arms? They had a table at a gun show this last weekend and they seem to be really well made. I’ve been thinking of getting a flat top receiver with a floating barrel and I need some opinions on AR15 producers. My current AR is made by Olympic Arms.


I don’t know anything about American Spirit. I own 3 Bushmasters and they are all high quality.

I haven’t heard of American Spirit. My AR-15s are a 1979 Colt, an Essential Arms (with a Bushmaster upper), and a Bushmaster. If I were going to get another one (after I move out of the PRK) I’d look for a pre-ban Colt, just because. But my first choice for another builder would be Bushmaster. They have a great reputation. (FTR, I’ve never had any problems with the Essential Arms.)

Hmmm… I hadn’t heard of American Spirit either 'til I saw them at the gun show. I know Bushmaster is probably the best value, but American Spirit is in the same price range. The Colts look great and I’ve heard nothing but good about them, but I don’t like not being able to swap uppers with other brands (at least on post ban).

Swapping uppers on Colt lowers is problematic with pre-ban as well, because of the larger front pivot.

Owner of a Bushmaster Shorty AK Carbine here, working on piecing together a “mutt” of an AR-15 for my Pop.

Never heard of “American Spirit”. Their prices seem somewhat reasonable, but I would definitely visit a few gun stores and gun shows before I commit. Nothing like market research. . . :smiley:

He, who bought his on an impulse buy. :rolleyes:

I’m not an AR fan, so I won’t be of much help. But in addition to this forum I would also try the forums at the following sites: (this is closed for new posts)

I believe each forum has a search feature.

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Hooo Boy… According to, American Spirit Arms makes garbage. Here’s what some members had to say:

Thanks for all the input and links! ‘staff’ did a favorable review of an ASA lower receiver some time ago. I think it’s still on the home page in the reviews section.
IMO all the forged lowers are pretty much the same. Had a Bushmaster lower that had crappy finish machining. Sometimes a big name does’t always guarantee quality.
Nothing wrong with parts guns, as long as you use good parts.
Check out J&T Distributing/DoubleStar from Winchester, KY. Good stuff.
Whatever lower or upper combo is used, have a good barrel.