Arabic (probably) translation requested

This was posted in a comment on a local news story:
إنني أدعو الله أن يعذب روحك (Obviously, I apologize in advance if it’s something dirty.)

I saw this very question posed in another thread recently. If you use the “search” function, you’ll find your answer.

I just looked, and it was you who posed the same question. Huh?

I compared them side by side, and while they probably convey the same intent, I don’t think they’re exactly the same, maybe a few more words at the front of the phrase.

But maybe not.

I studied Arabic for a while and “inna” at the beginning of a sentence or phrase is untranslatable into English. In this case, you can translate it roughly as “indeed, I pray that…”

Here, the word “inna” is followed by the suffix “nee”, which means “I”. It is a grammatical necessity.

Both sentences mean the same thing, but the one with “inna” is more emphatic.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. Good enough for me.

Yup, I studied Arabic for a while too, and I agree with GregH. Except the spelling of “inna” looks funny to me.

Least-competent Arabic student here. Agree that “inna” spelling looks odd. I learned the translation of “inna” as “surely”.

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(The thread in question is here).

I’m not clear on why you think “inna” looks odd. As mentioned, “inna” here is connected to the suffix “nee”. So, it reads “innanee”. What’s odd about it?

I haven’t typed with Arabic letters in ages, so I won’t even try! Otherwise, I’d write a few more examples to help make things clear.


Point well taken. Thanks.

It looks odd to me because I’m more used to the form “'innee”, with a shadda on the nun of “inna” and no repeated nun, but I went and looked it up and found that you’re quite right that “innanee” is also correct.