Arcane Pointless Stuff I Must Share.

I dispair of finding anyone else who is facinated by stuff like this, but a new breakthrough is making opening up whole new realms of fabrication possibilties. This one is called Lithographicly Induced Self Assemply (LISA), and it might well be the starting point for real nano-manufacturing.

Or, it could be a way to make the same crap we have now for a bigger profit, who knows?

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I’m just as fascinated as you are, Tris. In fact, we had a thread on nanotech a little while back, I’ll see if I can find it and post a link. I’m not too savvy on the technical details (I’m majoring in literature and communications, not engineering) but it’s really exciting.

For a great piece of science fiction based on nanotech, check out The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, one of the best cyberpunk authors out there.

OK, found that other thread: