Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador has been canonized

I’ve always admired him. A brave, faithful and conscientious man, struck down too soon.

The news are pretty confusing: I find places which say he was finally canonized as a martyr (which removes the requirement for an attributed miracle) and others which talk about a miracle attributed to him. I’m getting the feeling that people working on this kind of paperwork look at those reports with about as much dread as I look at reports about chemistry.

Yesterday they were talking about it on the radio but I only caught parts of it, as I’m right now in France and my French is very limited. The speakers mentioned a woman being canonized at the same time, but I can’t find any information on that part; everything I find in Spanish or English is Romero and Paul VI. Do any of you have her name?

ETA: finally found something which gave all the names, for anybody else who’s interested (video in Spanish, names as well). It’s from Vatican News so they should be accurate. Papa Pablo VI, Mons. Óscar Romero, Francisco Spinelli, Vicente Romano, María Catalina Kasper, Nazaria Ignacia de Santa Teresa de Jesús March Mesa y Nuncio Sulprizio

Here’s an English article with short biographies of six of the seven (Pope Paul VI got his own article), as well.

Thanks for that, kenobi 65.

This is awesome – he’s one of my heroes, and the fact that the U.S. trained the guy who was behind his assassination, (not to mention invited the guy to the White House) has always pissed me off.

I’m not Catholic (or indeed religious at all), so his canonization means nothing to me in a spiritual sense. But I’m glad that the church has recognized and honored this brave man.

According to Catholic doctrine, canonization doesn’t mean anything in a spiritual sense, either. A saint is someone who’s in Heaven, so God makes people saints, not the Church. Canonization is just an official recognition that God has let someone into Heaven (probably not right at the time of canonization; the exact timing (if “timing” is even a meaningful thing to talk about) is a matter of theological debate).


It’s interesting that the same man who portrayed Romero in a movie also played the crazy Gomez Addams.

Shows the range of the actor I guess!:smiley:

And I am glad that the church has recognized his status.

Thanks for the links about him. I was unfamiliar. I was born and raised Catholic, but ran screaming away as I grew older. Of the stories I was taught, I always thought St. Francis sounded like he had his shit together, and it seems like Oscar Romero thought so too.

The linked Wikipedia article has both. My reading is that there was some contention over whether the assassination was political or religious in nature. It would make sense then that they might have wanted a miracle to not have to deal with that part.

Yeah, it would be a bit silly for God to wait until humans are finished with the bureaucracy. The purpose for the Feast of All Saints (aka “all deceased faithful” or maybe “all faithful deceased”, I’m translating) is to act as official recognition that there’s a lot more people in Heaven than people who have the paperwork.

Indeed - canonization about the Church recognizing specific individuals among the “saints” who are worthy of being held up as venerated examples.

Bishop Romero’s murder was one major milestone in the whole Central American multicountry proxy war of the 70s and 80s. He was neither the first nor last cleric to be slain for daring to speak up, but having the actual Archbishop of the capital city taken down while saying Mass was totally brazen.

I was not aware the cause for canonization of Paul VI had advanced so far. In a way it makes for a successional triad with John Paul II and John XXIII in the process of transforming the church and papacy into their current forms – he was the one who had to take it upon himself to put into effect the Vatican II reforms, and start the process of a Church looking outward with the Pope going out to the rest of the world, that JP2 would take to a whole other level.