Archer. In Space!

[Sterling Archer]

D’ya know what’s awesome? Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical.

But…if you were going to answer…then, Me. Duh!

D’ya know what even more awesome?

If that’s even possible, and not an oxymoron. And what with that, anyway? It’s not like an ox is all that smart to begin with, so a moronic ox is just really setting the bar, like, super low.

But…more awesome? Me. In space. More awesome.

Dare I say it? It’s even more awesome that Burt Reynolds in…anything.

[/Sterling Archer]

“Codename: Duchess”? Is that you?

Gosh darn you all to heck!

Airs here in 90 minutes.

“Uh, would you say we’d be venturing into a zone, of danger?”

Saw the “to be continued” a mile away, but still, awesome episode. :slight_smile:

Lots of great lines but my favorite visual moment was Mallory “mixing” screwdrivers made from medical alcohol and space orange juice.

It made sense that they provided the space station with artificial gravity as it’s expensive to film zero-gee scenes. :smiley:

“Is mutiny funny to you, Mr Archer?”
“I don’t know; maybe a mutiny of clowns.”

Archer: “Can it be fired with an erection?”

I think that was the best episode yet this season.

SIX enemas?

Maybe 12

So…any guesses as to what the “MOAB” is?

I assumed “Mother of all blowjobs”.

A mutiny of clowns.

Good God man, in space!? :dubious: :slight_smile:

“…and why did you bring her along? Are you trying to get my mother to join the Million Mile High Club?”

Just exactly where is this space station located? :smiley:

Last night’s finale was great as well. Too bad about Ray though. “At least you already have the chair.”

And I saw absolutely nothing wrong with Lana’s breasts.

A black astronaut Cyril. That’s like killing a unicorn.

“Animal Farm is a book.” “No it isn’t Lana. It’s an allegorical novella about Stalinism by George Orwell and, spoiler alert, it sucks! Although I was talking about an actual animal farm so never mind.”


"Archer broke both of Wu’s arms while shouting, “woo!”
“Happy coincidence…”

“If you’re having a legitimate problem with your vagina…”