Archie to wed both Betty and Veronica. End of an era?

Archie’s Destiny, as Shaped by Robert Frost

I don’t read the comic books, but do still read the daily cartoon.

I was surprised to hear Archie was marrying Veronica in the comics but knew it had to be a tease. And it was. Now he is doing a bit of time travel and backing up to see his future with Betty.

They say he will eventually stay married to one or the other, but my money is on everyone staying in high school forever. The whole franchise dies when he marries. All of the characters and story lines skid off the track and hit the wall.

Of course it did work for Blondie and Dagwood after 2-1/2 years of courtship, but that was 75 years ago, and before Riverdale let kids spend 70 years in high school.

He should move to Colorado City. Then he could convert to fringe Mormonism and marry them both.

Heterosexual marriage is so 20th century. Betty and Veronica should both dump Archie, and marry each other.

In the article, they say some polled wanted Archie to marry Jughead.

I’ve actually been following this series due to the hype- Archie proposed to Veronica in Archie #600, married her and started working for the Lodge organization in 601, and are going to have twins in 602. (The wedding scenes in particular were pretty clever, as many Archie characters appear in them and the married couple’s first dance is to Sugar Sugar, the Archies’ only number-one hit.) Even though Archie Comics themselves pretty much stated this storyline was a fantasy, I must admit I was not expecting this turn of events. I wonder if that comic store owner who made headlines by selling his copy of Archie #1 in protest is kicking himself right now.

Why? That’s called striking while the iron is hot. Opportunity + Manufactured Outrage = $32k comic book. He’d have got less for it if he waited till after the arc was done.

I used to be obsessed with these comics when I was kid. It would sadden me to have it come to an end.

I would buy this issue.

I guess Archie’s not gay

How do you translate a 1940’s-themed comic strip into th 21st century? I mean, how many HS kids drees like the strip? Thathat that Jughead wore-wearing that would result in immediate geekdom.
But heck, “Prince Valiant” keeps on running…long after the death of Hal Foster.

There’s nothing 40s themed about Archie, any more than any of the other series that started at the same time - it’s a humour series about a group of teenagers…nothing about that is stuck in the 40s - it updates easily.

It hasn’t been set in the 40s since the 40s. Hell, the 40s stuff hasn’t even been used as reprint fodder for at least 30 years. I doubt the 50s and 60s stuff that was still showing up in the 80s is used any more, either.

They even got rid of Archie’s old jalopy back in the 80s. Now he’s got an old Mustang.

Well, he began as a pretty literal swipe of Henry Aldrich, and God knows what era Jughead’s headgear belongs in…

The headgear is from the thirties and forties apparently.

I believe this is a 6 part “serial”, after which Archie & co. return to high school era.

Just a way to spur on sales.