Architects and engineers - DXF viewer?

I am about to receive an email with an attached DXF drawing. Any freebie DXF viewers out there? Preferably free, preferably not 100Mb.

I had the same need a while back, and tried a couple from, but was dissatisfied with the ones I tried.

I don’t know if it helps, but most CAD programs I’ve used allow you to save the files as .jpg (you’d have to talk to the person sending the email, though).

Bwuh? You can get a DWG/DXF viewer straight from Autodesk! Is theirs too big? Do they ask for too much information?

I have tried quite a few over the years, and can recommend the evaluation version of DWGSee, available here and one called Free DWG Viewer. I think the latter program is owned by a new company and now available from

The Autodesk one mentioned by Sunspace has some fancy options like rotation, but it is a whopping download and probably overkill for your needs. When I tried it it also “stole” a whole bunch of file associations from the proper programs. I may very well have missed a checkbox during the install, but do beware if you go that route.

IIRC, it is 150M. And, yes, they do want a lot of information.

Try eDrawings from Solidworks. I’m not sure how big it is but it works well.

Thanks, I’ll give FreeDWGViewer a shot.

And this as well. Thanks.