Architects/Designers - Terragni's Villa Bianca questions

I’ll be mildly surprised if I even get a response, but here goes.

My wife’s getting her Masters in Architecture, and one project includes her researching and finding the floor plans/elevations of Guiseppe Terragni’s Villa Bianca. She sucked me into helping her, and after some fruitless time searching Google, I’ve come here.

Any of you know either where these might be found online, or any good architecture-specific message boards to help us out further?

i await anxiously…

Wow. That was fast, and a nice find. Thank you very much…how did you come across it?

Part of it is phrasing search terms. I Googled “floor plan” “Terragni” “Villa Bianca” – note the search terms I wanted to find as a unit enclosed in quotes – and came up with a site that listed it, but was being redone and no longer had the floor plans on it. I tried a few variations and came up empty, so I went to Dogpile, a meta-search engine (one that queries a number of search engines simultaneously), and repeated my original query. I forget which search engine actually found that site, but there it was.

Oh, and you’re welcome :slight_smile: