Architectural/ design trends that drive you batty

Part of my job involves trapping mosquito larvae in an affluent Detroit suburb one day a week, and I’ve noticed that nearly every upper-middle-class suburban home that’s gone up in the past few years features sheets of shiny copper over the bay windows on the ground floor. Over the years, the rainwater falling on the copper will produce a dull green patina that sort of looks nice, but in the meantime, the copper is so bright that is hurts my eyes to look at it. I think it’s hideous, and only included to give the home an old-fashioned, “rustic”, look to it, which is admittedly hard to acheive in a gajillion-square foot McMansion constructed on top of destroyed wetlands. :rolleyes:

Are there any design trends in buildings or products that drive YOU nuts?

There must be a practical reason for this, because it seems almost universal in both old and new construction, but I think it’s incredibly ugly to have the garage door be the most prominent feature of the front of a house. Our city is full of neighborhoods that contain row after row of houses with giant protruding garages and front doors that are tucked back into a dark alcove somewhere to the side.

for some odd reason they keep building houses in the city that have recessed front doors.
many people have taked to putting bars around their front doors creating a prison cell
in front of thier houses.
really dumb idea.

InternetLegend - in this area, the houses with garageous prominentosis are commonly referred to as “snout houses” and have basically been outlawed in the most recent design codes - we’ll see ho that one holds up in court, I guess.

For me, the single most annoying thing I’ve been seeing recently is this trend of using corrugated roofing tin as wall material on upscale urban condos and apartment buildings. Yup, that’s right - the stuff that grandpa used to put a roof on the BARN. The stuff that covers the roof of your local outhouse. The stuff that’s made of galvanized steel, pressed into a wavy shaped sheet and, normally, screwed to the rafters of some utility-type building. It’s showing up on the SIDES of $750,000 condos in upscale neighborhoods. It’s usually combined with a number of other types of silly metal and plastic panels to give an exterior wall “texture” and give it a more “industrial” or “urban” feel, from what I’ve heard.

OK, so you build half million dollar lofts in an urban, industrial district and that isn’t URBAN and INDUSTRIAL enough for you?

Sheesh - architects … :rolleyes:

(and THIS was my 1000th post? wow.)

The protruding garage homes are very outdated. If there are builders out there still using those plans, they must be the lower end new construction homes.

I don’t know if it could be considered a trend or not, but homes with no clear path from the driveway to the front door drives me batty. I visit a lot of residences in a year and absolutely hate to walk across someone’s front yard to get to their front door because the have no sidewalk. The people that live there are clearly garage people and never use the front door but some of us schmoes have to trek through the dog poop and snow to visit them.


Well, for homes, I hate “sideways houses”. There are similar to what Ruby is talking about. The house/garage is all part of one unit, but the garage faces the road and the main entrance is at the SIDE of the house, with no path to it.

Is this thread restricted to house architecture? There is one modern architectural design trend that I am violently opposed to. Angled glass. Its everywhere. The new WTC towers. The expansion at the Royal Ontario Museum. It all looks absolutely terrible and does not fit in with a 19th Century city skyline.