Archiving MS Outlook Mail

I’m having the living dickens trying to archive my email. I’ve been using Outlook for a long time, and generally like it… But, ouch, making archive postboxes is killing me.

I can create .pst files (or folders,) but I can’t figure out how to copy my mail into them. They always seem to be empty.

Also, if I double click on a .pst file, it won’t open. I can run Outlook, but then I can’t navigate to those .pst files to look inside them or move stuff to them.

Is there a good tutorial out there?

Or…should I stop using Outlook and go to a more user-friendly email program?

The only thing I can’t seem to do is archive my mail into folders that I can then back up to an external drive.

Thanks for any advice…

You have to open the .pst file from within Outlook, it won’t open by double-clicking. You then just drag-and-drop stuff into it, then close the file. What version of Outlook do you have?

Yes, in order to get to the PST file, you’d select Open from the File menu in Outlook and then Outlook data file. You can then browse to the folder containing the PST file and select it. But how are you creating PST files that they aren’t already available in Outlook?

Thank you! yoyodyne’s advice seems to work. I can watch the folder size change from 265Kb to 460+ Mb as I move stuff into it.

I’m using Outlook 2007, from MS Office 2007 Pro. I’m afraid that either I’m rather stupid, or their interface is just a bit non-intuitive, but I appear to be on top of things at the moment. Thanks again!