How to move archived mail message to a different computer

I had to replace a computer in our home office. The old computer uses Outlook 6, as does the new(er) one.

How do I move the archived mail messages from the old to the new computer? They don’t seem to be in any recognizable format for me to transfer. The only thing I’ve been able to find is a .pst file that seems to hold the old messages.

Any and all help appreciated,

Just copy the .pst files to the new computer and open them from the outlook file menu.

I would, but I’m not certain where to copy the .pst file to on the new computer? Any guidelines as to where?

my old path was:
c:\Documents and Settings\pullin\Local Setings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

the new path seemed to be:
c:\Documents and Settings\pullin\Local Setings\Application Data\Microsoft
…with no “Outlook” directory. I made a directory at that level called “Outlook” and copied my old .pst file into it. Now how do I get Outlook to use that file? Or conversely, how do I figure out where my new computer’s Outlook is planning to put it’s .pst files?

Sorry for the confusion,

I think I got it now. I just went to a command window and “brute force” copied all the .dbx files into the new computer’s directory. Brought up Outlook and it seems to be just like the old computer.

Thanks for your help.

If you have .PST files (as well as the .dbx files for the “active” mailbox), go into Outlook, select FILE-OPEN-Outlook Data file, and navigate to the path that holds the .PST file. It will open a set of “Personal Folders”, below your Outlook “Mailbox.” Repeat as needed for multiple .PST files.

The MS “Files & Settings Transfer Wizard” would also move that data for you automatically, along with your documents. It’s located in START-PROGRAMS-ACCESSORIES-SYSTEM TOOLS. It works on most older versions of MS Operating systems to any system newer than XP (At least… could be earlier) It works pretty well, but isn’t particularly quick. It creates a file, which you move to the new PC, then “import” using the same utility.