How do I Transfer Old Email from my Old PC to my New One?

OK, I just got a cool new laptop to replace my old laptop, and Microsoft and Dell won’t help me unless I pay 'em. Hell, I just BOUGHT a $1300 PC from you, Dell, loaded with Windows XP & Office XP, Microsoft.

All I wanna freakin DO is transfer my Old Email from my old Windows98SE / Office2000 machine to my new Windows XP Pro / Office XP laptop.

You think I could FIND an answer on any of their “knowlege bases”? NoooHoooooo!

Well, before I get meself thrown in the pit, Do any of the Kind Dopers out there know how to do this, what should be a common and simple to do?

The last time I tried doing an archive I nuked our email and all our addresses. So I hope somebody can give me clear concise
directions. Or is it really simple using some kind of Wizard an I’m just thick?

Well, it would help if you told us what mail program you were using. Among the most common programs are Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora. You said you had Office 2000 and Office XP, so Outlook is quite likely, but uncertain (I also have Office XP, but I use Outlook Express).

You could always just select all the e-mails you want to keep and forward it to yourself. Then change computers and download all your “new” mail.

Oops, Sorry, I’d assumed everyone would assume it was Outlook. My Bad.:smack:

Search your old HDD for any files with the *.PST extension. Burn to CD. On your new PC, open Outlook and go to File > Import and import the old PST into your new one. You’ll probably have to copy the old PST to the new PC’s hard drive, as Outlook cannot open read-only PST files.

The complete process is in Outlook’s “Help” section. Search for “Data files”.

Outlook Express or The Full MS Outlook ? The export procedures are quite different.

If Outlook Express here is your answer.

Well there now, that’s not so difficult. But apparently, unless you know The Straight Dope, that answer is harder to find than the actual answer is. THANKS guys.

(I reserve the right to post further, if I also manage to foink this too) :wink:


      • If you use Netscape for e-mail, it stores all its email messages as plain-text XML files, so you can open the file in Notepad and plainly read the messages directly–no other program required.

        And it even supports multiple POP accounts, which you need if like me you have a cable connection and a 56K phone account too…

        -Also you get lots less security hits using -!anything!- other than MS’s programs…

Outlook has a neat feature to do this:
Start Outlook
hit F1
Search for:
Importing items into Outlook Express

OK, I have a follow-up question about this PFBACKUP plug-in for Outlook:

I found the program and installed it on both my old and new machines, and have created a backup file. So Fa, So Good.

My question is, what happens on my new machine when I run FPBACKUP and do a “Install Backup”? Since I have newer mail on my new system by now, if I install the backup from my old machine, will it Overwrite the mail on the new machine, or will it just “add” the new items from the old machine?

Rob V

Wow, this is wierd. I SWEAR I read on THIS THREAD, someone suggesting going to MS’s website and downloading PFBACKUP.
(And by the way, I am using MS Outlook 2000 on the old Win98SE system, and MS Outlook XP on the new system.)

So a follow up to my follow up: Anyone know if this is a possible scenario? I have created an Outlook-Backup.PST I am worried that if I “install” the backup on the new machine, that it will over-write the email that’s already there and be lost. Instead of installing the backup, should I “import” the backup as opposed to using PFBACKUP to “install” the backup?

To say it another way, will “importing” the backup merge the backup into my newer mail, where “installing” the backup over-write the newer mail?