New Computer Question

I just went out and bought a new computer. Now, though, I want to transfer all of my desired files to my new computer. Is there any easy way to do it aside from burning them all on cd and just saving them onto the new one? I assume there is some way to actually hook them up together and transfer them right there, but I have no facts to back up this assumption.

Also, imbedded question - I have a bunch of emails that I would like to keep from my Outlook Express folder on my old computer. My Outlook box isn’t saved on their server is it? I’m pretty sure, it’s on my computer - how would I go about transferring these messages, as well?

Thanks for the help!

What OS does each machine have and do both have NICs and/or USB ports? Once I know that, I can better tell you how to connect them.

Outlook Express stores your emails in files with an .mbx extension, one for each folder you have (inbox, sent mail, drafts, etc.) Use Find to locate them and just drag and drop them to the same folder on the new drive.

The old computer has Windows 98 and the new one has Windows XP. I’m pretty sure the old one has a USB port, as well.

Thanx for the help, Q.E.D.!

You can use a USB link cable to connect the two machines and transferr files. You can see an example here. Do some shopping and you can probably find them cheaper.

The fastest way to do this is to physically remove the old hard disk and connect it to the new computer. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. I could give you more detailed instructions if you’re interested.

Once the two hard disk are connected to the same computer, it’s as easy as copy/paste your data.

For Outlook, refer to my posts in this thread:

I recently tried the , Files and Settings Transfer Wizard which is included with your copy of XP, to set up a new XP from and old win95, and it worked flawlessly. Give it a try!

If you don’t intend to keep using the old computer, putting the old machine’s hard drive in the new computer might be nicer than just using the cabling, as it gives the old computer extra storage and a hedge against a hard drive failure (you can store backups of everything essential on the older drive).

If you do intend to keep using the old computer, you can probably disregard my above graf and buy the cable. :slight_smile:

Eh, damn. In my first sentence, replace old computer extra storage'' with new computer extra storage’’.

It’s pretty freaking obvious. Preview is my friend.

Be careful about opening the case of a new computer, you could void the warranty.

Which was one of the reasons I recommended the USB link cables instead.

I’ll second the “install the hard drive” idea if you can.

Then temporarily copy everything onto your new C:\ drive (your “My Documents”) is a good place. Then FORMAT the old drive (probably show up as D:), bring up your “My Documents” properties, and move your “My Documents” to the newly-formatted old drive. If you have multiple accounts, make folders for every user.


When Windows takes a crap, you can format and reinstall C:\ without losing too much. Although to be fair XP doesn’t need a clean reinstall nearly as much as all the preceding Windows did.