Archiving Old Photos (Databasing, Modern & Up-To-Date!)

I use ProStock at work to archive our old photos, after I’ve scanned them and one of the PhotoShop elves has gussied them up. We’re going to switch to a “better, easier” system soon, I don’t know which one. But I want to learn as much as I can about databasing photos, the best archival computer systems, so I know what’s going on, rather than just pushing buttons.

The “IT Boy” at work says he does not know of any books or websites that will give me background. Any of you? I know we have some other archvists here . . .

I worked for a company that made an image database they sold for about a million an installation. I don’t know all that much about it, but I do know different solutions are very different.

Hmm. Since it’s such an evolving and diverse field, I wonder if there even is a book or a general-overview website? Certainly when we get our new program, whenever and whatever, I’ll ask for a copy of what information we get from the designers.